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Why everything is shit


"Religion is only valuable to the extent that it suppresses women."

‎Rookh Kshatriya who blogs at

"Religion is only valuable to the extent that it suppresses women. A religion that does not suppress women, children or the lower orders (and make them behave better, in a social context) has no reason to exist. Modern Christianity is pointless, for that reason."

Why female bishops are dangerous to male bishops

I wonder if Lord Rennard is feeling just a little betrayed by his party after all those years of  helping the party.  The LibDem women for some reason decided to complain about his lechery that happened over two decades ago, and his male comrades have basically hung him out to dry.  One of them, Tim Farron, even called the cops about Lord Rennard's "sexual impropriety" too.

The question of how to handle the claims against Lord Rennard will be considered not only by the party but by the Specialist Investigations Command of the Metropolitan Police.
The meeting between the Met and Lib Dem officials on Tuesday comes after Lib Dem officials approached the force.

On Monday night, a Scotland Yard spokesman said: "The Metropolitan Police Special Investigations Command has been approached by officials in the Liberal Democrat Party and is working with them to ascertain whether or not criminal activity has taken place."
A Lib…

Why don't powerful men support men's rights?

Because they

do not want to associate with victim menthink victim men are beyond contemptthink victim men probably deserve what they get for being limp-dicked sub-alphas and gutless whingersthink they or their friends could never become victim men and that this sort of thing only happens to other peoplewould not acknowledge their victimhood by whingeing about it even if they themselves really have been victims
These days only a female with the mind of a man can fight feminism.

A few tips for anti-feminist men:

The term "feminazi" and "matriarchy" should be used to command the terns of discourse. Do NOT talk of yourselves as victims.Only when men have the courage to call themselves anti-feminist will the challenge to feminism really begin.The very idea of "victim men" is nauseating and repulsive. No wonder alpha males shun the very idea of helping sub-alpha victims in case t…

LibDem Mangina Richard Reeves calls for more housework to be done by men for women


Richard Reeves, the deputy prime minister's former director of strategy, claimed that while fathers have ''greatly increased'' their contribution to childrearing and housework ''women continue to get the sharp end of the stick''.
He called for breadwinning and childrearing to be shared equally to help improve modern family life and warned it would take more legal equality of rights and greater childcare to help that happen.
A transformation would help single mothers currently struggling to raise their children and ease the problem lower and middle-income families have giving their youngsters enough attention in the face of demanding work, he said.
By 2043, if we are successful, the terms 'career man', 'working father' or 'stay-at-home Dad' will have lost their novelty.
Is this what you want for yourselves…

Roger Scruton the Conservative philosopher evasive and prevaricating on feminism

CK to Roger Scruton
1 March 2013, 15:14
Subject: Re: What does the Conservative party believe any more?

May I know your views on feminism, Mr Scruton?  Do you think a Conservative can be a feminist?

CK to Roger Scruton
On 3 Mar 2013
May I take it that you have no intention of being drawn on this matter?    If so, I will proceed to point out at that

all emasculated British men are afraid of discusing feminismWestern philosophy is not wise and is in fact vacuous as well as  a waste of the three years it would take the student to complete this pointless and fraudulent degreeWestern philosophers are milquetoasts afraid of criticising feminismthere is no English Conservative philosopher worthy of that name if Roger Scruton is afraid of discussing feminismsince Roger Scruton is not prepared to discuss feminism or answer my question of whether it is possible to be both a feminist and a Conservative, then there is no English Conservative philosopher w…

Libertarian Conservative Jp Floru does not wish to be seen to be plotting against the matriarchy

Jp Floru::

Andrew Lilico: "the best way to stimulate the economy is to go through New Labour's economic measures and to undo them one by one" at the Free Enterprise Group's'Pre Budget Briefing IEA.

Antony Millard   Very surprising, isn't it? Because you'd have thought that true entrepreneurs like Gordon Brown, Ed Mlliiband, Ed Balls and Tony Blair wold have brought their huge experience of business and private sector know-how together to create something extraordinarily successful and amazingly useful and efficient.

Jackson WrightThe only thing standing between the nanny state and a rationally small government is feminism which requires totalitarian laws to prop it up, such as the Equality Act 2010.

Antony Millard Jackson makes an early bid for the "conflation of the week" award.

Jane Goulddodgy ground Jackson - but having listened to the special pleading on R4 just now, i'm not sure you're wrong.

Jackson WrightHave you not noticed that no po…

Feminists want prostitutes dead while the Koran tolerates brothel-keeping

Magnanti reminded us of Julie Burchill's observation in her 1987 essay "Born Again Cows" in the book Damaged Gods: "When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women." This would seem crazed were it not for MSP Rhoda Grant, who is sponsoring an "end demand for sex trafficking" bill in the Scottish parliament, declaring violence against sex workers a price worth paying to secure her proposals. As Magnanti tweeted: "Let that sink in. Politician thinks it's OK if people die b/c of her bill. No one bats an eyelid."
Verse in the Koran implicitly accepts and tolerates the existence of brothels.

Could it be that the Koran is more tolerant than feminazis?

Why do feminists want to stop women from do…

Is feminism dangerous to free speech?

Is feminism dangerous to free speech?

GUU president David Lockhart, who chaired the final, issued a full apology to Ms Valles and Ms Meredith. Disciplinary action, ranging from financial penalties to suspension from the union, may also be taken against the culprits.

The sexism of the GUU isn’t quaint and it is not a tradition to be jokingly celebrated.  I appreciate the efforts of members within the GUU to make it better and maybe that incident needed to happen because we were told by many senior GUU female members that they couldn’t do anything about it without being laughed down.  Until this i…

"British culture is allowing your daughter to have fuck buddies"


Tony Hassan:
British culture is allowing your daughter to have fuck buddies...let me tell you people, if you come to the UK get ready for your daughters to be forced to become whores...muslims need to keep their values and their traditions...keep your kids away from this disgusting british whore culture..

This man seems to think that British women have no self-respect and neither do British men, who say it is OK for their women to be sluts.

Even nationalist parties such as the BNP, NF etc, say it is OK for their women to be sluts.

It is because the men in these parties don't care where they get their sex from as long as they get it.  As we know, sluts are the source of no-strings sex for men who cannot afford to marry or find a nice girlfriend.  These men have to take whatever that is going if they are going to get any.

Sluts are the unofficial deities that degenerate …