LibDem Mangina Richard Reeves calls for more housework to be done by men for women

Tim Farron - Liberal MANGINA who called the cops on Chris Rennard  for allegedly groping the treacherous Bridget Harris about 20 years ago

Richard Reeves: has he got MANGINA written all over his face?  Look more carefully and you may yet see the words.  Maybe he is just a pretty face, unlike Chris Rennard. No woman would complain if he touched their knee, I suppose, unless he is fat and bald, which he is not .. yet.  

Richard Reeves, the deputy prime minister's former director of strategy, claimed that while fathers have ''greatly increased'' their contribution to childrearing and housework ''women continue to get the sharp end of the stick''.

He called for breadwinning and childrearing to be shared equally to help improve modern family life and warned it would take more legal equality of rights and greater childcare to help that happen.

A transformation would help single mothers currently struggling to raise their children and ease the problem lower and middle-income families have giving their youngsters enough attention in the face of demanding work, he said.

By 2043, if we are successful, the terms 'career man', 'working father' or 'stay-at-home Dad' will have lost their novelty.

Is this what you want for yourselves by 2043, guys?   Any person with a male sex organ who says yes to this question should immediately castrate himself, cook his sex organ and serve it to his female partner for tea pronto.

Manginas - Betrayers Of Men

Manginas are pseudo-men who fixate their lives on getting a sniff of the female genitalia (figure of speech) at the expensive of others and by betraying real men.

Manginas see women as an ultimate being, places them on a huge pedestal, mind focuses only on sex or the satisfaction of women all the while not giving two bits a damn about his fellow man. Chivalrous and illogical are two definite traits of being a mangina.

A mangina is not a man, and we wouldn't dare honor them by gracing them with the title. A mangina is a pseudo-man who will first and foremost put women above men. This can take the form of buying into sexist stereotypes about men, trolling for pussy, or playing Captain Save-a-ho and reinforcing bad behavior from women.

A Mangina seeks continuous approval from females thereby becoming their servant.

Manginas support women's issues which are against his fellow men. Someone who espouses feminism but is really being suckered into a form of chivalry in which women's interests take precedence over men's. Unaware that they are merely "useful idiots", doing what women want in the vain/hope of getting laid. When his usefulness is over she tosses him out with the rest of the rubbish. Usually can be identified by his spouting the latest feminist clichés. A man who has been p-whipped but doesn't quite realize it. A man who thinks that women will like him if he does what women want (little knowing he is being used and will be dumped for the first alpha male/thug who shambles out of county lockup).

A Mangina is a self-depreciating man who subconsciously hates himself and blindly believes women are superior to him. He has been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong - perhaps even a genetic/evolutionary/social flaw - and must be corrected by embracing his "feminine side" to the point of losing the very qualities that make him male. He believes women are beautiful, innocent angels and men are filthy animals who need to be controlled. His entire world-view is built on an absolute lie supported and propagated by a Feminised, Liberal culture and morally bankrupt Media. Ultimately his entire life is nothing more than a sad illusion....

He not only betrays himself, friends and family, but all men by sucking up to women in return for favors. A mangina is basically the proverbial Uncle Tom of the male populace. This is why manginas are betrayers and enemies of men.

Types Of Manginas

Here are the types of manginas:

1) The unenlightened. These guys are dangerous, not because they're adverse to our cause, but because they simply do not know any better. These guys have been raised to treat women with respect, to be kind and courteous to women, and when appropriate, to assist and defend her. As I said before, what makes these guys so bad isn't that they have an anti man agenda, so much as it is that they don't know better, and there are so many of them. Imagine that you're the only person in a crowded arena who knows that there is a bomb about to detonate, and you're trying your best to escape while everyone else is standing around doing nothing. That's what these guys are.

2) The horny. Ok now we've crossed into the "dangerous and evil" zone. These guys may not inherently hate men, but they love pussy so much that they are willing to justify anything in the name of pussy. Different from the unenlightened because even the unenlightened realizes that there are some women (bad girls) who you should just stay away from. The horny worships pussy, and will do anything in the name of pussy.

3) The worshipper. We're deep into the "dangerous and evil" zone, and reaching the mentally ill level. Like the horny, these guys will justify anything in the name of pussy. However unlike the horny (or maybe just like the horny), there are no limits on what pussy he'll worship. It doesn't even have to be pussy that he'd fuck. To him, pussy == superior human being. Acts that would be unconscionable to people with common sense, people in level 1, and even some people on the far border of level 2 are completely OK with the worshipper, so long as it's done in the name of pussy. These are the killers and sadists who kill people on their girlfriend's whim.

4) The nut-less. Dangerous. Evil. Mentally ill. Or just a Pathological liar. Basically, Hugo: in this person's mind, all logic, reason, cause, effect, and circumstance is overridden by a hatred for men and the prime directive that women are always right, and always to be obeyed no matter what. No matter what any woman says, this person agrees with them. There is no reasoning, rationing, or convincing this person of anything, no matter how obvious it may be to the rest of the world

The "Hugo" variety, the quasi alpha male who uses feminism to get female attention. Also uses feminism as an excuse to place themselves higher on the male feeding chain by taking the moral high ground as "protector" of women. For ex: politicians who pass laws like VAWA (highly biased, one-sided) which give ever more power to the state.

Any politician that voted for policies such as VAWA and IMBRA. Call it a subspecies of Mangina.


1. A women-firster.
2. A pussy-worshipper.
3. A male who behaves or acts toward men in an overly aggressive way once feminist Maxims are questioned.
4. Teacher of lies and half truths.
5. One who believes violence against women is more wide spread than violence against men.
6. The major party of financial transactions to feminist and their misandric programs.
7. A cruel and vicious robber of freedoms.
8. A male lackey of the feminist movement (called a 'male feminist'), who views women as superior to men and always bows down to and agrees with women in an attempt to curry favor.
9. Males who cater to women so that women might like them more.
10. A woman's doormat, personal servant and cuddle buddy.

THE LIBDEMS - a contemptible collection of MANGINAS and gutless wimps not worthy to be called men.   


Anonymous said…
claire what do you classify yourself as? You associate yourself with and being friendly with schizopaths and dim men. You do not know this. Why are you advising others about men and do not know youself enough about them.
Claire Khaw said…
Politics is a dirty business and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Are you a LibDem then?

What do I not know? What don't I understand about men?
Anonymous said…
Though I don't fully agree with her and the Terminology is a bit harsh, she is def. on to some truths here.

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