Is feminism dangerous to free speech?
Is feminism dangerous to free speech?

GUU president David Lockhart, who chaired the final, issued a full apology to Ms Valles and Ms Meredith. Disciplinary action, ranging from financial penalties to suspension from the union, may also be taken against the culprits.

The sexism of the GUU isn’t quaint and it is not a tradition to be jokingly celebrated.  I appreciate the efforts of members within the GUU to make it better and maybe that incident needed to happen because we were told by many senior GUU female members that they couldn’t do anything about it without being laughed down.  Until this is genuinely dealt with, as the director of training for the Edinburgh University Debates Union, I would be incredibly wary of sending female first years to Ancients next year and will certainly not be attending in the future unless there is assurance that this won’t happen again.

What does Marlena Valles mean by "genuinely dealt with"?  Their heads on a platter or just their balls?

Would men debating a controversial subject with other men have complained in this way?

Rebecca Meredith, left, and Marlena Valles 


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