Feminists want prostitutes dead while the Koran tolerates brothel-keeping


Magnanti reminded us of Julie Burchill's observation in her 1987 essay "Born Again Cows" in the book Damaged Gods: "When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women." This would seem crazed were it not for MSP Rhoda Grant, who is sponsoring an "end demand for sex trafficking" bill in the Scottish parliament, declaring violence against sex workers a price worth paying to secure her proposals. As Magnanti tweeted: "Let that sink in. Politician thinks it's OK if people die b/c of her bill. No one bats an eyelid."

Verse in the Koran implicitly accepts and tolerates the existence of brothels.

Could it be that the Koran is more tolerant than feminazis?

Why do feminists want to stop women from doing what they are good at, ie being mothers and providing sexual services to men?

Are feminists really self-hating women?

Are feminists evil, or just stupid and misguided?

Do feminists hate women even more than they have made men hate women?

Four ways feminists have harmed women.


  1. The first was the feminist message to young women to have sex just as men do.  
  2. The second awful legacy of feminism has been the belief among women that they could and should postpone marriage until they developed their careers. 
  3. The third sad feminist legacy is that so many women — and men — have bought the notion that women should work outside the home that for the first time in American history, and perhaps world history, vast numbers of children are not primarily raised by their mothers or even by an extended family member. 
  4. And the fourth awful legacy of feminism has been the demasculinization of men. For all of higher civilization’s recorded history, becoming a man was defined overwhelmingly as taking responsibility for a family. That notion — indeed the notion of masculinity itself — is regarded by feminism as the worst of sins: patriarchy.


Anonymous said…
Feminism at its root is founded on double standards. Women should be free to abort a fetus, fuck around with any and every dirtball she meets, act and look like a man, go shirtless in public...yet when its something that shows the dark side of uncontrolled female hypergamy - nude models, prostitutes, or porn stars- it suddenly is deemed innapropriate and offensive. How can these child like feminists really be taken seriously any longer?


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