"Religion is only valuable to the extent that it suppresses women."

‎Rookh Kshatriya who blogs at http://www.anglobitch.com:

"Religion is only valuable to the extent that it suppresses women. A religion that does not suppress women, children or the lower orders (and make them behave better, in a social context) has no reason to exist. Modern Christianity is pointless, for that reason."


Johnnyrvf said…
You really have NO idea of what Christianity is zero, zilch, nada, I did have some sympathy for your views but when they descend into utter and puerile rants such as this I understand why no one wants to engage with you.
Claire Khaw said…
What don't I understand about Christianity?
Adolfo said…
Yes, I got the same idea some time ago when I was reading an article about how Hinduism and the Caste System still work in India these days; but also how the economic growth and the urbanisation of population are beginning to challenge this, basically the tradition of arranged marriages and the revolt of the lower castes. Now, Christianity was created as a State religion to pacify Palestinian Jews in the first century by the Flavian Dinasty. Well, the sheple was pacified a looong time ago, and now Christianity is basically Calvinist puritanism plus political correctness plus big government.

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