"British culture is allowing your daughter to have fuck buddies"


Tony Hassan:

British culture is allowing your daughter to have fuck buddies...let me tell you people, if you come to the UK get ready for your daughters to be forced to become whores...muslims need to keep their values and their traditions...keep your kids away from this disgusting british whore culture..


This man seems to think that British women have no self-respect and neither do British men, who say it is OK for their women to be sluts.

Even nationalist parties such as the BNP, NF etc, say it is OK for their women to be sluts.

It is because the men in these parties don't care where they get their sex from as long as they get it.  As we know, sluts are the source of no-strings sex for men who cannot afford to marry or find a nice girlfriend.  These men have to take whatever that is going if they are going to get any.

Sluts are the unofficial deities that degenerate atheist liberals worship.  This can be seen from a typical discussion about fornication with liberals at https://www.facebook.com/groups/446037948795604/permalink/478138738918858/ :

Is watching Jackson Wright self harming a form of voyeurism?

  • John Richards Do you think he realises that he is alienating the 50% of the population that he would like to have sex with?
  • Graham Knight Does he cause excessive addiction to masturbation and porn?
  • Jackson Wright I don't want to have sex with sluts, unlike the rest of you.

  • Peter Bevan Could you please refrain from using that word to describe women? It's both offensive and contrary to the agreed rules of conduct for this group
  • Jackson Wright It is obvious that the ones of you who don't care where you get sex from will agree and flatter any feminist in order to get sex from her. If most women in your society are sluts and most men have to compete against women with the laws biased in their favour, then that is what you are reduced to, in order to get sex. You will want sex as cheap as possible from women as easy as possible from the stupidest and most irresponsible of your women whom you will proceed to knock up and abandon. [It is interesting that Peter Bevan appears to be saying that all women are sluts, is it not?]

    This will of course have implications for the next generation, though most liberals are too feckless, slutty and stupid to see this.
  • Peter Bevan Ok asked nicely, you seem to have ignored that polite request.

    That's disappointing as we try to be friendly here.

    I know you'd like us to ban you and prove whatever childish point you're making about free speech, but be aware that your exclusion from these discussions wouldn't represent censorship - merely a group of friends ignoring someone who choses to be as rude as they can.

    Please desist with this line of abuse, it's not even a debate any longer - you're jut acting like a child (or possibly actually are one pretending) who's just discovers the Internet
  • Peter Bevan Also the language you are employing is abusive and therefor outside of our agreed mode of conduct... Which is extremely rude
  • Cam Berry Mr Wright, what do the letters in the acronym of Claire KHAW's surname stand for?

I have deleted and banned 'Jackson Wright' and deleted all the members he added as suspect alternative identities for him. He violated group rules of respectful, good natured obscenity- free debate.
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  • Peter Bevan Agreed - "he" was obviously a fake account attempting to make some futile (and misguided) point about free-speech - Clearly not understanding the difference between censorship and being sent to coventry by peers!
  • Cam Berry Mr Wright did imply that he holds fascist nazi beliefs, that's extreme dogma and goes against other people's freedom, including freedom of speech. His was the only 'speech' that he would accept or allow, so in the interests of democracy I feel the correct decision was made for the benefit of the group. Interesting he should appear just as we discuss free speech tho! lol
  • John Richards He probably has a programme to notify him when the subject of 'free speech' comes up.
  • Cam Berry Is that even possible?
  • John Richards Google offer that as a service so it's likely to be possible with Facebook too, although they may try to make it difficult.
  • Peter Bevan None of this content is available to google - so won't be that - probably his spider-sense was tingling


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