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How Islam would arrest the qualitative and numerical decline of the white race and offer something for lesbians ...

Some BNP activists feels that single mums must not be attacked because they at least add to the numbers of white people in this country.

I refer them to Tim Winter AKA Abdal Hakim Murad's essay

It is not the numbers but the quality of the white race that is important, in my view.

Single parenthood diminishes the quality of the next generation. The ideal is two married biological parents ie family values, to pass on any kind of social and cultural identity to the next generation that is decent and productive. If not you will get ever-lowering standards of morality and education until you get to the situation where no British employer wants to hire a British school-leaver if they can possibly avoid it, which is now the case.

It is the culture that needs to be improved. The more little bastards you have the more likely you are go downhill and be taken by other cultures.

The British managed to colonise other countries while h…

Letter to the Business Secretary persuading him to legalise brothel-keeping

Dr Vince Cable
Business Secretary
Department for Business Innovation & Skills
Kingsgate House
66-74 Victoria Street

Dear Sir


Having laws that would be allow for the existence of brothels and superbrothels such as Pascha - - would be a nice little earner and assist in addressing Britain's debt problems as well as giving women a chance of earning an income while allowing them to work flexible hours in safe surroundings, unharmed by serial-killing sex fiends.

Their earnings would become taxable and this should prevent them from being a burden on the taxpayer.

I hope you will feel able to discuss this possibility with your colleagues.

Your faithfully

Flatshares for the Properly Grown-Up

That is why my idea for the Domestic Partnership should take off. But most men don't get it and most women think it works against their interests.

It basically means you move in after agreeing on what you expect of each other. Should the relationship break up you take away what's yours.

Because it is a condition of the Domestic Partnership that Sex and Fidelity are optional, these two reasons alone cannot ever be cited as a reason for the break-up to get a better deal for yourself or a worse deal for your former partner.

For once bitten twice shy singletons who have homes and spare rooms.

Sex fiend British children

Hidden problem of children sexually abusing children

This is how low we have sunk. This is what happens in a matriarchy*, you see. All these useless social workers and psychologists are women, of course, trying to deal with the generational excrecences of benefit scum breeding more benefit scum. The least we can do is turn them into just scum breeding non-benefit claiming scum. Not much to ask, is it, you would have thought?

* Matriarchy: a society where female promiscuity is in practice condoned and state-subsidised because the political classes are too morbidly over-feminised to condemn it. A matriarchy does not have to be headed by a woman. A male leader serves the matriarchy when he subscribes to their values, ie when he condones female promiscuity and proposes nothing effective to discourage it, eg David Cameron, who only pays lip service to family values and subscribes to the toxic PC values that women like so much, all the feminine vices and more.


How to keep a woman completely happy

How do you keep a woman completely happy? Just give her everything she wants and something to whinge about.

This is so you can be perfect and under her thumb.

The Fall of Western Civilisation according to Claire Khaw

While some may think I am megalomaniac enough to think I can single-handedly prevent the fall of Western civilisation, my very modest ambition is to simply inform those around me the reasons for the decline and fall of their civilisation.

In case you hadn't noticed, even the BNP are too pussy whipped to talk about it. The working classes are, as we already know, riddled with illegitimacy, single-parenthood and family breakdown. That is why they are now unfit for purpose and being replaced by foreigners by successive governments too cowardly and hypocritical to even tell the working classes to mend their ways.

Or give them the traditional and selective education that the poor so desperately need to pull themselves up with. (Instead, we now have academy schools and schools run by middle class parents such as Toby Young who will operate only in leafy suburbs while the working classes have the likes of Peter Harvey braining their delinquent sons.)

Or condemn single mummery.

Or …

Meal Tickets and Sex Objects, Prostitutes and Punters

Women have to understand that all men who fuck them are punters, and men have to understand that all women who let themselves be fucked are prostitutes.

Only love can can sanctify such a transaction.

Too easy to fuck and and much too hard to love ...


Do you think that the articles in women's magazines are ruining the sweet, gentle and kind image that women are supposed to have and turning them into characters who are trying to be more dominant partner in a relationship?

THE ANSWER from my correspondent:
Absolutely- although I don't read their crappy magazines I have dealt many female writers over the years, as you know I have been interviewed by umpteen female writers over the 18 years I have been doing this. The Western world is in an imbecilic state of denial about the true nature of men and women. A spurious rationale has disrupted the natural discourse between men and women: many of life's female fuck-ups seem to find a career in churning out diktats on "relationships" bases on their own manifold neuroses. It doesn't seem to matter that most are permutations of any of the following:
Self-obsessed, with a grotesquely bloated ego;
Rapaciously greedy;
Alone;Unattractive, or just plain…

An exchange with Jim Bailey, Kiwi men's right campaigner on proposing an Official Marriage Strike by Men


"Just a bit of well-meant advice in the face of your moribund campaign, Jim. Obviously, the alpha males have got their women under control while the losers are being trampled all over by the matriarchal Kiwi court system.

Since no self-respecting alpha male would dare be associated with your cause and the bunch of losers you all are, I guess you will just be plodding on to more defeat and disappointment.

I am afraid little old me is the closest you will get to an alpha male advising you.

Declare an official marriage strike. Get some PR guy to do it for you, Jim, because you can't do the job. Hand over the reins to someone who can."

Rookh Kshatriya

"True alpha males no longer marry Anglo women."


"They go bride-shopping in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Asian Sub-Continent or the Far East."

And the smarter female from the white urban proletariat convert to Islam to escape low-life losers.

Well, I have w…

OFFICIAL Marriage Strike by Men

An official marriage strike by marriageable men would be the only way to draw the attention of the government to the parlous state of gender relations under a matriarchy.

Men going on a marriage strike would make sensible women with an ounce or more of self-respect go on a sex strike.

When that is not resolved happens racial or national extinction will be inevitable.

This should concentrate the minds of a matriarchal government who embody all the feminine vices of irrationality, hypocrisy, cowardice and denial of the truth.

Reintroducing fault in divorce, not automatically awarding custody of the children to their mother, opening the family courts to journalistic scrutiny are just a few measures that would tempt men into marriage again.

That and the discouragement of sluts, slags and slappers who will drop their knickers for any Tom, Dick and Harry should make marriage more tempting for men again.

It is true, you know: men do ask themselves "Why buy the cow when you can get you…

We now live in a matriarchy

You don't need a woman in charge to be a matriarchy. All you need is a political class who practise the feminine vices of cowardice, hypocrisy, prevarication and indecision.

A matriarchy is a society which condones female promiscuity just as a patriarchy is a society which condones male promiscuity.

Sodom & Gomorrah was a matriarchy.

Why white non-Muslims are reproductively challenged

Whites are reproductionally disadvantaged because their culture promotes:

1. promiscuity (which leads to)
2. abortion (and)
3. single motherhood
4. feminism (which leads to)
5. late motherhood (which leads to)
6. fewer children
7. more mollycoddled children
8. divorce laws biased in favour of women (leading to)
9. an unofficial marriage strike by men (leading to difficulties finding a husband leading to single motherhood leading to poor quality offspring and badly-brought up unteachable children who result in a downward spiral of)
10. an ever lowering standard of education
11. a feminised teaching profession conspiring to hide the failure of feminised British "education"
12. feminised men (feminised by feminism leading to)
13. male and female homosexuality
14. sterility (as a result of STIs contracted through unchecked promiscuity)

It won't be long in the future before being white and non-Muslim will become a distinct disadvantage in the marriage stakes.

Islam filling the moral vacuum of Christo-liberal claptrap

Hypocritical hand-wringing Christo-liberal claptrap predictably blames Islam for its own weaknesses. Nature abhors a vacuum and Christo-liberal claptrap is a moral and political vacuum that will be replaced, sooner rather than later. Any ideology that condones female promiscuity will eventually self-destruct. It is a cancerous ideology that has already been multiplying and growing, out of control, for at least three generations now in the Western world.

People who are illegitimate, singly parented, or singly-parenting who refuses to acknowledge the folly of their lifestyle choice or the lifestyle choice of their parents is an individual cancer cell.

Those who are too afraid to condemn it - ie politicians in the Liberal Left and in the Conservative Party of David Cameron - are aiding and abetting this cancerous growth while supposedly in the role of doctors in a position to cure society's i…

Feminism and National Suicide

All societies who embrace feminism are at the mercy of societies who do not.

Can you imagine the quality of the offspring these women will have? These older mothers will have their Down's syndrome children and expect the taxpayer to give them a hand-outs and make schools cater to their Special Educational Needs at the expense of your normal child. Their daughters will become the single mothers of tomorrow. They won't be able to control or provide for their fatherless sons who will turn into the NEETs and feral youth of the future.

Remember, you are paying for this CRAP so these dim husbandless feminist women who can't find men to live off live off the earnings of the taxpayer so they and their ilk can breed at your expense and bring down your civilisation at your expense, so they can have a pet to keep themselves happy.

Don't think they don't have any power either. When you se…