The Fall of Western Civilisation according to Claire Khaw

While some may think I am megalomaniac enough to think I can single-handedly prevent the fall of Western civilisation, my very modest ambition is to simply inform those around me the reasons for the decline and fall of their civilisation.

In case you hadn't noticed, even the BNP are too pussy whipped to talk about it. The working classes are, as we already know, riddled with illegitimacy, single-parenthood and family breakdown. That is why they are now unfit for purpose and being replaced by foreigners by successive governments too cowardly and hypocritical to even tell the working classes to mend their ways.

Or give them the traditional and selective education that the poor so desperately need to pull themselves up with. (Instead, we now have academy schools and schools run by middle class parents such as Toby Young who will operate only in leafy suburbs while the working classes have the likes of Peter Harvey braining their delinquent sons.)

Or condemn single mummery.

Or who care enough about them to provide them with the values, education and training they so desperately need to compete against the workers of other countries who are not yet the victims of matriarchal degeneracy.

The BNP know this but dare not say it, for fear of having their balls ripped off by FemiNazis. They too are afraid of alienating the female vote.

The BNP are bunch of pussies too. Yes, dear reader, the BNP are scared of girls.

They are scared of being ostracised by their female folk and of not getting any, just like the rest of the drones in the other parties.

The irony of course is that only the Muslims, whom the BNP hate and fear, are prepared to challenge feminism.


Adolfo said…
Your efforts to introduce those Britons into the manners of a more civilized a society are doomed to fail. The evil, wicked and stupid British Empire (Larouche’s dixit) is about to fail and the civilizing process which began in AD 43 when Emperor Claudius appointed the first governor of Britannia is coming to an end. All you can do is to foretell the grim future based on other historical references.
Let’s see, 1,700 years ago Rome was falling apart, so Emperor Constantine mastered a plan to give his Empire a soft landing while the Roman ruling elite would keep power. He invented a religion: Christianity, just to channel the social unrest and resentment (Jesus Christ never ever existed and Christian martyrdom is a myth), so both the Pagan Gods and the Imperium had a peaceful death, but the Mediterranean civilization prevailed. Today, the Italian people and its government have made a deal: As long as the government don’t get involved in people’s lives in such an asphyxiating way (i. e. huge taxes, moronic laws) people don’t expect much from the government (i. e. decent public hospitals, a meaningful educational system, an effective law system), the Italian cuisine is exquisite, the Italians master in economic clusters where technical expertise and technology meets artistic genius (like sport cars and fashion), the Italians are four times World Soccer Champions, and the beauty of Italian women is astonishing.
Today, it seems that the British rulers don’t have the intellectual finesse, neither the time, nor the will to invent a religion (or to do whatever necessary) to give their Empire a soft landing while keeping their civilization. The worst is that the British underclass is so happily enslaved by the Nanny State that is willing to give anything just to get everything from it, and so perpetuate its sorry ass condition, the British cuisine is the austere version of the rations served in a Salvation Army public dinning, the British industry is outsourced, gone, the Britons have been only once World Soccer Champions, and just because the referee was playing on their side, and the British “ladettes” are… Well, they are “ladettes”.

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