Too easy to fuck and and much too hard to love ...


Do you think that the articles in women's magazines are ruining the sweet, gentle and kind image that women are supposed to have and turning them into characters who are trying to be more dominant partner in a relationship?

THE ANSWER from my correspondent:

Absolutely- although I don't read their crappy magazines I have dealt many female writers over the years, as you know I have been interviewed by umpteen female writers over the 18 years I have been doing this.

The Western world is in an imbecilic state of denial about the true nature of men and women. A spurious rationale has disrupted the natural discourse between men and women: many of life's female fuck-ups seem to find a career in churning out diktats on "relationships" bases on their own manifold neuroses. It doesn't seem to matter that most are permutations of any of the following:

Self-obsessed, with a grotesquely bloated ego;
Rapaciously greedy;

Unattractive, or just plain ugly, and who's covert resentment with their God-given lot has made them completely unfuckable

Twice-or-thrice divorced, or shacked-up and unmarried, but would love to be married;
Man-hating Marxist lesbians (such as Julie Bindell or Beatrice Campbell) and myraid others
Permanently aggrieved and disagreeable or just plain unfuckable, unlovable, or all of these.

Not all modernity is progress. In medieval times they would have been seated comfortably in the ducking-stool and immersed in the village pond until cured. (I know, I am far too moderate.)

When encovened, these witches constantly bleat about being unable to find The One, Mr.Right. They Want To Have it All, The dream house, the big car, the holidays, the perfect man, never for a moment questioning the emptiness of spirit in having such a desire, or heaven forefend, thinking that the reason for their failure may lie within themselves. It couldn't possibly be that,could it, because feminism says everything is the fault of MEN, the bastards.

Regular women read this crap and are influenced by it. The poor boobs they are hooked up with, or end up with, have read similar shit and half-believe it(or foolishly go along with it in the mistaken believe that they are more likely to get laid.) The FemiNazis have shamed foolish or insecure women for being like women, and taught them to hate men for being like men. They have influenced male politicians who have bought into this communal shaming of men, and/or used it to get power over other men.

The following expands upon the changes that have occurred in my lifetime that were initiated by female writers, often subsequently re-enforced by legislative or political change. It is somewhat solipsistic, but I have observed the same in many many men. Most men are fools with regard to women: bear in mind that most men do not tell women the truth in these matters, as a consequence of being addicted to female approval, and/or fear the social or professional consequences. Sadly most men have been brain-washed into believing that what women say they want is what they want or what they feel they should want. Most men today are very naive about what attracts women, and, more importantly, what keeps them attracted.

Those stupid enough to believe Magazine Woman's claim that what women really want is a sensitive eager-to-please New Man who defers constantly to them rarely attract women, and invariably come to be held in contempt by those they do.

What men say to other men is markedly different to that which is for public consumption- except for a very few prepared to accept the opprobrium of unfeminine women and feminised men. Although I do not read many women's magazines, the impact of feminist ( or merely gyno-centric) writers and politicians, have turned relationships between men and women in the West into a toxic mess. That is why I, and many other men, have wives or girl-friends from the Far East. Many of these relationships are initiated primarily (on the women's part) because the man has more money than they,and/or are a ticket to The Big Easy, a UK passport. However, most honour the contract and love usually grows.

Personally, I have never been comfortable with the notion that a woman was attracted to me because of my material possessions, and when I discovered in my teens that it wasn't necessary, I didn't make the mistake of selling my soul to acquire wealth. My girl friend has more money than I have , and had right of residence long before I met her. I meet a lot of Chinese women in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, and I found their easy, natural femininity and friendliness very attractive. For years I resisted it, because I did not want to upset my still- young sons whom I looked after. I did well, until they were nearly 17 and 20- there is only so much resistance a man can offer to warm brown eyes and graceful ways.

Speaking stereotypically- which, although banned by PC, in real life works out as a reasonable indication of what, on average you get( which is why they become stereotypes) Asian women are often exquisitely feminine.

Hong Kong Chinese and Japanese women dress stylishly without looking like sluts. They have nice figures and eschew tattoos. They rarely cuss, and drink moderately, if at all. They are demure in their demeanour, bur subtly sexy (obviously not bar-girls and such like opportunists). What they do lack, compared to their Western counterparts is the constant back-beat of aggravated peevishness, the band-saw whine of complaint,and the jarring perpetual hair-trigger hypersensitivity and readiness to be offended. They are by no means the docile door-mats that feminist victimology portrays them as - they just don't see it as treason to the sisterhood to find themselves in agreement with, or to be agreeable to,the opposite sex.They like to do things for men and they like men doing things for them( kind of how it is supposed to be, the way women used to be here, before silly women and sillier men gave credence to the sour witterings of spoiled brats and bitter women.)

They like masculine men, which is the state most men are naturally comfortable with being,although my generation has signally failed to initiate our young boys and men into manhood, too many of them allowed vote-whoring pussy men who placate women get power over other men. The warrior deferred to the scribbler of lies and the bleater of platitudes. And look at the "man" that has emerged from this vileness, and what he has let his nation's women become.Of course, with Asian women, as with Western women, he has to be a man, not a doormat.

Even although Asian women here have the material ambition that is common to women bar none (or nun like Mother Theresa!) and to emigrants all over the world(especially those from poor nations) they can be easily satisfied with an un-materialistic man who protects them, provides the basics and makes them feel good about themselves. Which last bit is pretty easy. All a man needs to do tell them nice things that are easy to say, because they are true- see from " exquisitely feminine" (above) He can add on anything else that moves him about his woman, like the way looking into her eyes makes him feel he is in a room scented with incense and opium smoke. It makes him feel that way because he sees love shining in her eyes, not a cash register, not a querulous and baleful resentment.

I look to butterflies to help me understand this. A woman from the Far East is like a delicate, beautiful butterfly that enriches life. I look at a Western woman and see that the pollution of feminism has made it less likely that she will ever enter the chrysalis of marriage and motherhood and emerge in her full glory - her spiritual growth remains stunted: she remains an ugly,voracious caterpillar.

So when it comes to choosing a partner between an oriental lady and a western women, generally speaking, it's a no-brainer. Even for someone like myself, who values racial integrity, and wish very much to preserve my ( and other's ) racial identity, I would, if without children, , be more inclined to start a family with an oriental woman. Chinese and Japanese women are pretty much the way Western girls used to be, which way of being was the cause of men loving them. Tragically, feminism has caused them to mutate into the loud-mouthed, crass and opportunistic Sex-in-the-City I- want-it-all slappers that magazine culture has assisted in creating. They are ultimately repellent to men - too easy to fuck and and much too hard to love.


I would advise European men not assume oriental women are domestic goddesses and the like, and for Oriental women not to assume that European men have money and are at ease with feminism! Why, that would be a clear example of racists being hoist by their own petards!


Rookh Kshatriya said…
There is also the issue of Anglo-Saxon homosociality, which is a long standing Anglo-American meme:

Homosociality encourages misandry from birth. Is it any wonder Anglo men and women increasingly hate each other?
Phone Sex said…
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