Why white non-Muslims are reproductively challenged

Whites are reproductionally disadvantaged because their culture promotes:

1. promiscuity (which leads to)
2. abortion (and)
3. single motherhood
4. feminism (which leads to)
5. late motherhood (which leads to)
6. fewer children
7. more mollycoddled children
8. divorce laws biased in favour of women (leading to)
9. an unofficial marriage strike by men (leading to difficulties finding a husband leading to single motherhood leading to poor quality offspring and badly-brought up unteachable children who result in a downward spiral of)
10. an ever lowering standard of education
11. a feminised teaching profession conspiring to hide the failure of feminised British "education"
12. feminised men (feminised by feminism leading to)
13. male and female homosexuality
14. sterility (as a result of STIs contracted through unchecked promiscuity)

It won't be long in the future before being white and non-Muslim will become a distinct disadvantage in the marriage stakes.


I agree with your article 100%. Very insightful.
Anonymous said…
The NWO wants a low birth rate by hook or by crook. Muslims have their Fezz freemansons too, and it only a matter of time before they deform your traditions. Unless you find a way to deal with them. What do you think the unjust wars are about? Cullling.

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