Islam filling the moral vacuum of Christo-liberal claptrap

Hypocritical hand-wringing Christo-liberal claptrap predictably blames Islam for its own weaknesses. Nature abhors a vacuum and Christo-liberal claptrap is a moral and political vacuum that will be replaced, sooner rather than later. Any ideology that condones female promiscuity will eventually self-destruct. It is a cancerous ideology that has already been multiplying and growing, out of control, for at least three generations now in the Western world.

People who are illegitimate, singly parented, or singly-parenting who refuses to acknowledge the folly of their lifestyle choice or the lifestyle choice of their parents is an individual cancer cell.

Those who are too afraid to condemn it - ie politicians in the Liberal Left and in the Conservative Party of David Cameron - are aiding and abetting this cancerous growth while supposedly in the role of doctors in a position to cure society's ills.

It is not too late for the illegitimate and singly parenting to say "Do as I do, not as I say, but many of them will join in condemning me for being intolerant, uncompassionate, puritanical and "fascist" - all cardinal sins in liberal ideology.

When people talk about Christianity they mean church spires and familiar landscapes rather than family values. The Church most certainly does not support family values in its mania to be inclusive in order to get bums on pews. If it did we would not now be having this "problem" with Islam.

Since the Church of England has now seen fit to explicitly condemn the BNP and forbidden its clergymen to join that party, things are becoming increasingly clear that the Church is a creature of the state, as it always was.

It used to be the case that the Church of England was said to be the Tory Party at prayer.

It is of course now the Labour Party (who are mostly Lefties who despise and can barely hide their contempt for those who follow any religion) not at prayer and vociferously rejecting anything that could be considered as promoting family values - values that proponents of Free Love sneer and smear.

Family values are of course what all organised religions were created to promote. Family values are boring, you see, and that is why the fear of God is always required to instill such values.

But family values are antithetical to the Single Mother Goddess of Free Love which the Liberals worship.

To blaspheme against her is to invite social death.

Anyone have any idea why this country is being governed by a demented ideology that actively promotes sexual incontinence and single motherhood while compelling taxpayers to pay for this lifestyle choice of the unproductive and parasitical?

No wonder Western civilisation is going down the f*cking plughole.


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