Sex fiend British children

Hidden problem of children sexually abusing children

This is how low we have sunk. This is what happens in a matriarchy*, you see. All these useless social workers and psychologists are women, of course, trying to deal with the generational excrecences of benefit scum breeding more benefit scum. The least we can do is turn them into just scum breeding non-benefit claiming scum. Not much to ask, is it, you would have thought?

* Matriarchy: a society where female promiscuity is in practice condoned and state-subsidised because the political classes are too morbidly over-feminised to condemn it. A matriarchy does not have to be headed by a woman. A male leader serves the matriarchy when he subscribes to their values, ie when he condones female promiscuity and proposes nothing effective to discourage it, eg David Cameron, who only pays lip service to family values and subscribes to the toxic PC values that women like so much, all the feminine vices and more.


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