White Women and Political Correctness


By Whiskey at http://whiskeys-place.blogspot.com/

PC just doesn’t magically happen. PC happens because mostly, White Women want it to happen. Support it, create it, nurture it, defend it when it is under attack, and promote it at every level.

Here is a post on Alternet by a woman, who went down to Haiti, to write about “the White Man’s Oppression of Haiti” (or something), and was sadly, raped by a native. Now, who does she blame?

White men! Bingo!

The reason? “Nice” supplicating, White-Knight, romantic beta men, and nobody does that “Lloyd Dobler” stuff better than White guys, make her sick. Revolted. Far more than, I must point out, her assailant. Really, who nurtures PC? White women!

Consider your average White guy. He faces at the top end, competition from H1-Bs, from programming, to now legal and accounting work, or certainly outsourcing. Life in the cube farm is tough, and fraught with PC danger. He’s not friend to it, it is his constant environmental enemy, and immigration and all the “diversity” it brings has a bottom line negative effect on him — more labor competition on a cheaper level, and with lower status for the job, and with ethnic nepotism inevitably in hiring. Your lower end White guy ends up selling his skilled/semi-skilled labor against a huge pool of labor, with also ethnic nepotism. I.E. the Drywaller’s Union, once mostly White, was broken by Day Labor scabs more than thirty years ago, and now is a “no Anglos need apply” union in California.

Consider your average White women. Surrounded by guys who are “nice” (and not Charlie Sheen or Brad Pitt, real Alpha males). She has no competition at the top end, in marketing, or finance, or “creative” jobs where women often go. Nursing of course has competition with lots of imported labor from the Philippines. But on the lower end, such as waitressing and the like, not so much competition from day labor.

Pols would dump on PC in a heart beat if it paid off. But it does not, indeed women VOTERS punish anyone who doubts its orthodoxy. Because for them, PC is a way to exile icky Beta Males (most White men, in other words) and construct a paradise of no icky White guys in teaching, social work, marketing, corporate finance, HR, and so on.

Yes PC kills. But who defends it and why? The answer is women, and their dislike of Beta Males.

April 28, 2010 - 7:51 pm


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