Feminism - the cancer of society

The ills of this country can be laid directly at the clay feet of feminism.

Sex Revolution = feminism = female promiscuity = single mums and working mums.

The fact that the teaching profession is female-dominated and dominated by the worst of feminine vices also explains why this country now has to import foreign labour to keep the idle single-mum bred benefit scum in benefits. This is because education and training has utterly failed school-leavers - failed by their slut and slapper single mothers, failed by their teachers and failed by their government.

It would have been better if women had never been enfranchised, since it has resulted in politicians being reduced to pandering to the likes of Mumsnet, ie to feminine vices and the feminine tendency to be parasitical upon either their husbands or the taxpayer if they cannot find a husband to support them.

It would be better if women had never been enfranchised.

How to correct this:

1. Repeal the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts

2. Divorce settlements should be awarded on the basis of fault.

3. The abolition of indiscriminate universal suffrage and restricting the vote to only taxpayers.

4. Abolish child benefit.

5. Make bastardy a stigma.

If the next generation is brought up properly then these mothers are to be praised.

If their offspring are the next generation of single mums and NEETs then these bad mothers are are but a cancer and should be condemned vociferously.

We all know how useless liberal policies, liberal parents and single mothers are at parenting.

46% of babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock.

70% of our prison population were singly parented.


All change, please, all change.


Anonymous said…
When a civilization looses their strong warriors other tribes will come and conquer the area where the weak population used to live. When the last western 'sexist' macho warrior man is gone, who will defend the feminist culture from invaders. Oh i can hear the crying and lamenting of the strong independent females, when Sharia Law is introduced to all western societies. Try to discuss women rights with them. History goes in circles.

have a nice day
Claire Khaw said…
Secular Koranism is the antidote to Islamism, but no one ever listens to me.

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