Mumsnet - where the stupid and feeble-minded are pandered to

Is that stupid mum who is thinking of buying his son a dress one of those single mums we keep hearing so much about? I suspect this must be the case. No balancing male voice to suggest that the boy be beaten within an inch of his life for daring to make such a request or to tell that silly cow not to be such a silly cow.

A microcosm of what is wrong with society really. The demented and feeble-minded are being suffered to multiply at the expense of the rational and productive.

I think that stupid mum is one of those stupid single mums, don't you ladies? Why women like that are allowed to breed absolutely beggars belief.

It is like watching a nation busily heaping up its own funeral pyre ...

If Mumsnetters don't care about the men and the boys then they should have a care about the next generation of women.

Their daughters won't have anyone decent to marry when they grow up.

Men under the matriarchy will be effeminate, emasculated and contemptible.

Foreign men will invade, rape and pillage this country while the new men the matriarchy has created (wearing dresses) will be hiding behind the skirts of Mumsnetters.

Women who want to marry a decent man will have to share and find themselves submitting to polygamy.

Is that what you want, Mumsnetters, who must either be evil or stupid?

It is probably news to them that Sodom & Gomorrah was ruled by a queen.

Mumsnet - where the silliest questions are asked and answered.

Mumsnet - the place where you come inexorably to the conclusion that women are stupid.

Mumsnet - where the stupid are pandered to 24/7.

Mumsnet - where you reluctantly come to the conclusion that most women should be disenfranchised.

Vanity, stupidity, irrationality and the worst of all feminine vices - thy name is Mumsnet!


Anonymous said…
Gosh. You are SO incendiary. I bet you get offered a job someday. Your posts are just that interesting.
Andromeda said…
Thank you, Anonymous. If there were justice in this world I *should* be paid to do this, but I suspect there probably isn't enough of that around at the moment!
Anonymous said…
My goodness - what a nasty piece of work. That's YOU by the way - not your opinion of Mumsnet which is just an internet forum no more and no less - or don't you feel people should be allowed to communicate? Or may they communicate only if their views agree with yours?
Why are you even in the UK if you feel it is run so badly? There are plenty of countries who will support your nasty right wing views. May I be the first to tell you to leave and join one?
Andromeda said…
Of course people should be allowed to communicate. I didn't say ban Mumsnet, did I? I am in the UK because I want to be. You appear to be suggesting that that should not criticise the running of this country if I was not born here. Would you please confirm that this is the case?

A significant minority in the UK already agree with my views, as you may already know.

Women have parasitical tendencies. They are always asking for more handouts.

If that is what they do, let them be parasitical upon their husbands.

If they cannot find husbands then they must fend for themselves, not demand ever more handouts from the taxpayer, especially never-married slut and slapper single mums which the oligarchy are too cowardly to condemn.

In fact, the ills of this country could be laid at the door of the Sex Revolution AKA female promiscuity as well as single mums and working mums.

The fact that the teaching profession is female dominated and dominated by the worst of feminine vices also explains why this country now has to import foreign labour to keep the idle single-mum bred benefit scum in benefits. This is because education and training has utterly failed school-leavers - failed by their mothers, failed by their teachers and failed by their government.

It would be better if women had never been enfranchised.

How to correct this:

1. Repeal the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts

2. Divorce settlements should be awarded on the basis of fault.

3. Only those who pay tax should be allowed to vote.

4. Abolish child benefit.

5. Make bastardy a stigma.
Number1BadBoy said…
"No balancing male voice to suggest that the boy be beaten within an inch of his life for daring to make such a request..."

Because beating a little kid "to within an inch of his life" is balanced and helpful to the family, right?

I'm a male and I wouldn't buy the kid a dress, but I wouldn't beat the shit of him either. Would you?
"No balancing male voice to suggest that the boy be beaten within an inch of his life for daring to make such a request..."

This comment was not meant to be taken literally, but I can imagine some men of the old school - now sadly extinct - saying something like that.
Irina Zvenigovo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
i cant believe the way you talk about single mums on benefits- i am a single mum of four, i left my ex-partner because he was violent and beat me. i am on benefits because i am waiting for my youngest child to start school before i go to work. i also have a disabled child who i am carer to, who thankfully is well enough to attend school full time. oh, and by the way, i have a degree, and i am well educated, but the circumstances have not allowed me to live differently until now. would you stay with a man who beat you just to avoid becoming a single mother? i sincerely hope not because it wouldnt do you any good, nor any child/ren that you happened to have. oh, and one more thing, my son is disabled, but will not become a drain on society, he had learning difficulties but we are working really hard to help him overcome his problems, and one day he will be able to work and contribute to the pot. you are vile, i cant belive that you have not been banned from every site you have ever posted on
Claire Khaw said…
It is tragic when an educated person does not believe in free speech, and assumes it is OK to censor anything they find offensive.

Did you ever call the police before you filed your divorce petition?

Degrees these days are a dime a dozen.

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