Mumsnet - a sociological study of British mothers

I am conducting a sociological study on the deleterious effects of feminism on British society. There are other women who share my distaste for Mumsnet but enjoy hearing Mumsnet stories. Just like the BNP, there are women who wouldn't be seen dead here in the same way that there are many who are fascinated by the BNP but wouldn't be seen dead at one of their meetings. I perform an intercessory service for people who are both horrified and fascinated at the thought processes of the typical Mumsnetter - a combination of vapidity, arrogance, ignorance and self-importance.

Why don't you conduct a poll and ask how many on Mumsnet are single (breaking them down into divorced and never married) and working mums?

You would be doing a great service to society were you to conduct such a survey.

I do hope those at Mumsnet will find the courage to do so.


trob said…
Absolute rubbish. Be happy that mothers have an avenue to say what they think, can swap experiences, get information on the difficult task of bringing up children, and have found a way to influence the male dominated politics that exist in our society and in the world.
Andromeda said…
While I am delighted that mothers appear to have a voice in the form of Mumsnet, I am disappointed that what it says is so frequently vapid and vacuous and likely to arouse feelings of hatred, ridicule and contempt for women.

I do hope Mumsnet will do a survey of its members and break its membership down into:

1. working mothers
(a) part-time workers
(b) full-time workers

2. never-married mothers
3. divorced mothers

Any chance of that, "trob"?

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