Feminism is killing Western civilisation but over-feminised men too stupid and scared to protest

Western civilisation is busily heaping up its own funeral pyre.

Observe Britain - bankrupt but with male politicians who are too afraid to condemn parasitical unmarried single mothers breeding the next generation of benefit scum the taxpayer is obliged to subside through universal child benefit.

Even so feminist writers such as Anne Perkins who writes for The Guardian still moan about there not being enough women in politics.


They are never happy, are they?

If it is true that in a patriarchy male promiscuity is in practice condoned, then it must be true that we now live in a matriarchy because female promiscuity is in theory and in practice condoned.

What is the point of having more women in politics when the men in charge already think and behave like women?

Men these days hope to find a woman who is prepared to give them sex yet will pay her own way - in other words, someone who is lower and stupider than a whore.

It is not surprising that the offspring of such unions - between the poor and the stupid - will become progressively more degraded and degenerate until we decline into savagery and barbarism.

Feminism, apart from wreaking the havoc it has done on the working classes, is also destroying the middle class.

Middle class women who have been educated for their careers necessarily have children at a later age or don't have children at all. This means they tend to be neurotic about any children they do have. They wrap them up in cotton wool because these 30+ women know they can't just produce more children if anything were to happen to their usually only child, because of the fertility problems that come with being past one's first flush of youth.

Their over-protected and spoilt children are unsocialised and neurotic because their mothers work and send them into the care of strangers who may abuse them emotionally, physically and sexually.

Even now, most men are in denial about the destructiveness of feminism. Those who are not in denial are afraid to say anything, because their wives could divorce them and take half their property and deprive them of their children after accusing them of paedophilia.

And so there you have it: the end of Western civilisdation. Watch and marvel at the folly of men and women who are now busily engaged in destroying themselves and their civilisation.


Just to make it as clearly as possible, I think Claire Khaw's comments are as barmy as a jar of chips and so pathetically stupid one wonders whether she gets physically tired trying to outstupid her previous comments on the internet.
It is always amusing to have people defriend one when they can think of no answer to the inexorable logic of one's conclusions, which can be avoided only by the use of unsupported assertions and using quaint sayings like "as barmy as a jar of chips" ...
The Shrug said…
I find it fascinating that, be she a feminist or neocon, she'll always insist it is Up To Men© to Do Something©. Same old slave driver, different whip.
Of course it's up to men to do something!
Anonymous said…
Andromeda. I have been reading your blog with great interest over the last few months and it is so refreshing to know that some women are waking up to the destructive force that is feminism.Feminazis and feminised men a.k.a.NEW MAN NONCES are truly a cancer in society and as you so rightly observe are responsible for the destruction of western Civilisation. long may you publish the truth!!!!!
Oliver Guerrero said…
The problem in this society is the lack of masculinity. A whole generation of men educated by women with an emasculinating ideology. I know is up to us to do something but it is not easy. Politics, media and society are against those of us who disagree with the system. According to Paul Elam, if reasoning don't wake up most men then the survival instinct will. There are some men groups which have started on North America and other world places but our number is still small. Anyway, probably our generation will not see a meaningful change but some of us will certainly work for it.
Anonymous said…
I don't see any evidence that western civilization is going to die, though. True, feminism has engineered a society in which men are second class citizens, who are here to be prey for unscrupulous lawyers and phony victims. (Welcome to the party, Al Gore! So glad you could join us.) But most men are inexplicably happy with the situation.

In fact, surveys show that men are far happier than women in the United States -- which is the reverse of the situation thirty years ago. Why would this be the case when men have so few rights compared to women, and can be sent to prison for the rest of their lives based on nothing but a story from a worthless liar?

I don't think men spend a lot of time worrying about their rights. They're too busy with sports, internet porn, etc. to care.
Claire Khaw said…
I can only judge by the quality of the men I meet. I am saying that feminism gives women unrealistic expectations of the men they can expect to marry while lowering the quality of men actually available.

Easy sex basically corrupts the characters of men. The truth is that men will work and acquire wealth with which to attract and keep the woman they love.

Right now, there is no reason for any man to treat a woman with any more concern than a used condom.

Men who have been divorced are not happy.

Children brought up in fatherlessness will not do well.

Of course Western civilisation is not going to collapse overnight, it is a more a slippery slope.
Anonymous said…
No civilisation on the slippery slope of collapse ever thought they were going to collapse until it was to late. Thats why they never take the action required to prevent collapse.....because they never see it coming. Our civilisation was built, and is maintained through mens inovativeness, mens labour, mens committment to "their" own childrens well being. In return men got certian things for their work and talents. All of those things now are no longer gaurenteed. A mans children are often not his...either way.....he has no rights except to pay for them....he has no right to his home...in fact he has less rights then a tenant......even one that doesn't pay their rent. He no longer has the rights under the law of innocent until proven guilty...with guilt being determined now on a womens "feelings" rather then facts or evidence or proof. Men no longer have the incentive to invest in families....children.....or even society. As more and more men learn about the terrible situation they are in first hand....civilisation will collapse. More men will become like me.....Twice married....ripped of both times....I will never put a cent of money or effort into a relationship again.....my son says he will never marry or cohabitate with a woman.....and if he does....he will not buy a house with one.....he just wont sign a mortgage...or put his money into it.....period....he will save his money by putting it all into my name...or he will spend it on himself enjoying it....he will not work and accumulate things that can be taken off him. A lot of his friends have the same attitude and I applaud them. Men should deny women their utility....deny them relationships.....use them only for casual sex if anything.....and don't let them get anything off you.......only then will the laws begin to change and be balanced.
Anonymous said…
Western Civilization has already collapsed. Just because people aren't out rioting in the street doesn't mean anything. This is a managed collapse. But it's already over. There may be people living in the West for another 100 years or so that think they are Western. But eventually they will fade away quietly like the Etruscans.
MiGHOW said…
And yet still blaming men for the situation, does it never end?

Girls, YOU are going to have to sort this one out, we're simply not interested anymore.

I won't be holding my breath, though.
Bill said…
I am glad you realize feminism kills civilization... but what do you want us guys to do? There are too many laws that are against us. Everything is seen as "sexist" or "assault" and "taking advantage of women." Women are seen as trophies.

What hope do we have, when people who know what's going on lay all the responsibility on men? We live in a society of men AND WOMEN and we all need to get involved! And that's common sense... something that is greatly missing from our civilization!
Claire Khaw said…
You join a political party and demand that they take a position against feminism, of course. Is that too much to expect?
Claire Khaw said…
Oh, and you have to be prepared to take a flak and not apologise and retreat as soon as someone says "sexist". Not many British men are up to this these days, I know, because they are mostly gutless wimps with shit for brains, mince for balls and piss for guts. Their most comfortable position is a habitual cower.

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