Feminism and National Suicide

All societies who embrace feminism are at the mercy of societies who do not.


Can you imagine the quality of the offspring these women will have? These older mothers will have their Down's syndrome children and expect the taxpayer to give them a hand-outs and make schools cater to their Special Educational Needs at the expense of your normal child. Their daughters will become the single mothers of tomorrow. They won't be able to control or provide for their fatherless sons who will turn into the NEETs and feral youth of the future.

Remember, you are paying for this CRAP so these dim husbandless feminist women who can't find men to live off live off the earnings of the taxpayer so they and their ilk can breed at your expense and bring down your civilisation at your expense, so they can have a pet to keep themselves happy.

Don't think they don't have any power either. When you see our degenerate and degraded politicians grovelling to them on http://www.mumsnet.com you will know they wield tremendous power since they represent half the electorate - yes, the feckless, irresponsible, and promiscuous and multiplying out of control half of it who want to be bailed out from their own folly at your expense ...

The solution is to indirectly discriminate against women under a political system of taxpayer-only franchise, ie no representation without taxation.

Most women want to be mothers.

Mothers want someone to provide and protect for them and their children.

Take away their child benefit and they will be forced to find husbands before becoming mothers.

Even if they got their husbands to give them the minimum amount of voluntary tax they could pay in order to vote under my proposed system of £1000 per annum, they would mostly want to spend the money on something nice to wear.

Remember, a matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity just as a patriarchy condones male promiscuity.

Why do we never hear of matriarchies? Because they all descend into barbarism and savagery (as we are now doing) after destroying themselves, having forgotten how to read or write.

F*ck feminism and choose the lesser evil.


kim said…
Claire - do you really believe this or are you just being deliberately provocative?
Lie it or not feminism changes the lives of every woman, and I bet you're happy to share the benefits too....
lets see.....
1) pre feminism, sex before marriage was a taboo and a girl was expected to be a virgin on her wedding night. How do you, personally, feel about that? Forgive the personal question but if you're not married, are you still a virgin?
2) pre feiminism, women were expected to wear dressses and skirts, and most workplaces baned trousers for women. How do you feel about that? do you wear skirts or have you descended to feminist gear like trousers and jeans?
3) pre feminism, 'Ms' was unknown. Do you style youself Ms? or do you prefer Miss?
I could go on but you get the point. Love to hear the answers - but I bet you won't even reply.

Kim, promiscuity, as far as I am concerned means getting into trouble as a result of having sex with unwelcome consequences such as contracting an STI and unwanted pregnancy.

In my book, you can be a prostitute and still be OK while a former virgin who had sex for the first time can end up pregnant with an STI.

I am neither of those things you mention, but don't see what that has got to do with anything I have said.

I call myself "Ms" and wear trousers and jeans.

I don't believe any of these admissions invalidate anything of what I have said about feminism.
Kim said…
Hi Claire
these things matter because the feminism you condemn so loudly is precisely what gave you the freedom to dress as you please, to style yourself Ms instead of Miss, and to enjoy sexual freedom.
You can't condemn feminism the way you do when you so obviously benefit from it

Kim, whether I have benefited personally from feminism or not is really beside the point. The important point is whether it is good for society. We are talking about the greater good here, not whether I have enjoyed the benefits of feminism, being female, which of course I do not deny.

I see nothing beneficial for future generations of women the way things are going.

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