Exploding the myth of the multiple orgasm through the exercise of logic

What is this multiple orgasm that some women claim to experience? They can *logically* only be experienced *consecutively* (and therefore *only singly* which negates the concept of its multiplicity) rather than *simultaneously*.

I think the multiple orgasm was thought up by sexologists wishing to drum up business from men and women made to feel inadequate because they have never been given nor ever received such a thing. 

I really think I should be given an award for my services to mankind.  Perhaps it will just be a matter of time before I will be recognised, lionised and listened to with greater attention and respect.


DaveA said…
No sex please we're British!

What the multiple orgasm is about is some women take a while to reach orgasm, needing extensive foreplay. However once they have reached orgasm over the next, shall we say 10-30 minutes are able to climax a number of times without too much additional stimulation.

They are not simultaneous, they are sequential but spaced apart in much shorter time frame.

I hope that helps.
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you, Dave.

Actually, I thought the conditions of a multiple orgasm are

1. enjoyed only by the female
2. during one session of intercourse

The female orgasms, the male continues, she has another, he continues etc.

Or have I got that wrong?
DaveA said…
Claire you generally have it right I'll drop you an email.
Claire Khaw said…
You can drop me multiple emails any time, Big Boy!

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