White girls regarded as "easy meat" by Pakistani men: official and unofficial BNP response

BNP leaflet

Mark Collet's response to my Facebook status update: "Will the BNP have an honest discussion about the morals of their own women or continue to blame Muslims for all the ills of society?"  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Collett

"You raise an interesting point Claire, and one I have myself raised elsewhere today. Muslim men don't just target white girls, they were doing the same to girls of African ancestry and mixed race parentage in Birmingham. The reason they don't do it to Asian or Muslim girls is because those girls actually have respect for their parents are at home in the evening like 12 year old girls should be. The problem here lies as much with bad parenting as it does with sexual predators. Parents today who let their 12-14 year old daughters out to roam the streets until past 10pm every night of the week have lost control of their children. It's awful what has happened to the girls invovled, but parents who let their children do as they please are putting their children at risk. Bad parenting puts children at risk of this kind of thing happening - regardless of the colour or religion of the perpetrator."

I then said:

"If one is a sex predator, one would look for the "easy meat" regardless of their race.

The hardest to get at would be the ones who have stay-at-home mothers who expect their daughters to be back by a certain time and perhaps fathers who say to them "You're not going out dressed like that, are you?"

The easiest meat would be fatherless schoolgirls or girls in care whose mothers and carers think nothing of letting them wander the streets in revealing clothing."

And Mark Collett said:

"Well in any good family young girls like this would be at home in the evening, having a meal, doing their homework and watching a bit of TV. These parents who allow these girls to roam the streets at all hours of the day and night are irresponsible and are putting their children at risk. When this issue first came to light at the time of the C4 documentary in Keighley, there were parents who claimed their children were being abused, but every night when a car load of men came to pick up their girls the parents would sit and do nothing."

I am conducting an informal survey on which stance you think would stand the party in better stead in the minds of the voting public.


Anonymous said…
Well there's definitely a problem with Dirty old white men if you read this: http://www.chris-uk.org/paedophile-rings/cornish-paedophile-ring and in Scotland they have problem with while, male babysitters: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/video/Paedophile-Gang-Leaders-Neil-Strachan-And-James-Rennie-Jailed-For-Life/Video/200910415422348?lpos=UK+News_19&lid=VIDEO_2081260_Paedophile+Gang+Leaders+Jailed&videoCategory=UK+News and what about the white female child sex abusers? http://www.chris-uk.org/female-paedophiles
Claire Khaw said…
All men of all races are sex-obsessed. That is their nature. The trouble in the West is that extra-marital sex is encouraged and fueled by pornography, advertising and the media as well as single parenthood tolerated, at the expense of the taxpayer in the form of universal child benefit.

This is the sort of thing that very few white people dare confront or discuss for fear of being accused of being party poopers.

I blame this on feminism which is the Sacred Cow that the West will not slay and which is supported by the state, which also causes paedophilia as well as family breakdown, single parenthood and the progressive deterioration of the quality of the next generation.

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