What would happen if lions became feminist?

We know what happens to lions with harems when they have to defend themselves against other males who want access to their females.

The lionesses are not supposed to interfere and do not assist the father of their cubs against the encroaching male.

They do not assist him because they know that if he is a loses it means he is physically less fit and if he is physically less fit, they don't want his babies.

They would suffer their own already born cubs to be killed by this new male in order to have the superior genes of the triumphant male.

Lionesses are therefore more ruthlessly eugenic than human feminist females, who only think about themselves and in the short term.

However, if this pride of lions were to go feminist, then the lionesses would tell the lion that it is OK to trust strange male lions and assure him that nothing bad will happen to them, and he will be obliged to listen politely. Eventually, the feminised lion will one day behave as if he were a lioness and come to see other males as potential playmates, not knowing that while nothing bad will happen to the females, something very bad will happen to him.


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