Black man tells it like it is about never married single mothers

Would a white man these days make similar observations?

No, feminism has utterly destroyed, crushed and made mincemeat of his manhood.  He is so utterly reduced and degraded that a female and a foreigner has to point out the perniciousness of the feminism herself and point out some bald evolutionary facts:

1.  The male of  any species has to fight  to have access to females to perpetuate his genes.

2.   Because the Western female human is so sexually promiscuous and will give sex at the drop of a pair of trouser, Western men only have to humour her and agree with her to have sex with her.   (This means agreeing with her about feminism to the detriment of his own long term interests and certainly at the expense of the long term national interest.)

This theory explains the phenomenon of degeneracy ie why there are more and more people now in the West with physical and learning disabilities and why disability is now privileged and apparently beyond criticism.  

These never married women who have illegitimate children with physical and learning disabilities are of course part of the parasitical pornocracy that is even now multiplying at the taxpayers' expense.

Because they all have the vote, and the political establishment relies on votes, they will not be criticising them, oh no.

Labour  will, like Cameron, be promising them all sorts of goodies so as to attract the vote of the parasitical pornocrat.  (Who is a parasitical pornocrat?  Any mother who has (1) never been married and (2) never had a job (3) whose children will  never have a job nor marry before having children.)

The BNP, who is against the LibLabCon for conspiring to facilitate immigration at the expense of the indigenous working classes, is too afraid to say anything about the parasitical pornocracy too.  This is because, of all the political parties, the BNP has the highest proportion of members who were singly-parented.

Nick Griffin will not be saying anything about widespread illegitimacy because he does not want to alienate BNP members, whose members are mostly illegitimate.  

The BNP is thefore afraid of supporting marriage.  

So there we are: nothing will be said, and nothing will be done: not by the political establishment, and not by those who oppose the political establishment.  

There was a reason why the slut was hated with a visceral venom by all sensible people in advanced civilisations, but this healthy instinct has long since been bred out of the British.

It began being bred out of the British when the Family Allowances Act 1945 was passed.

68 years later, most British babies are now born out of wedlock.

And no political party in the UK will propose a single policy that will actually support marriage.  

Perhaps they already think it is too late and we are back to all that "orderly management of decline" shit so we can look forward to a future where the only couples who are married are gay, while everyone else is slut and a bastard.  

But if our civilisaiton is dying something  then we the dying ought to know what it is we are dying of.  It may do us no good and not prevent our dying, but we would at least serve the purpose of being a terrible warning to other races, nations and civilisations of the moral dangers of allowing feminism to stick her stiletto heel in your door.   


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