"Princess Bubble" - a fairy story for those too old to be still single and looking

The end of Western civilisation really cannot be that far off!

Instead of addressing the problem of family breakdown in society and the abdication of parental responsibility and moral authority in every sphere of public life, one of my occasional readers and commentators has recommended Princess Bubble, written by two unmarried and retired trolley-dollies. It is a story for women who have ended up single and need a happy ending as they contemplate growing old alone.

The blurb:

With wisdom gleaned from their careers as single, globe-trotting flight attendants, first-time authors Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb have crafted a modern-day book that celebrates singleness. A contemporary fairy tale for all ages, Princess Bubble was written to reduce the overwhelming sense of failure, self-doubt, and despair that some single women face. Knowing how low self-esteem and depression plague many single females, we wanted to spread the message that happily ever after can occur even before Prince Charming arrives. . . or even if he never does, said Webb. We're definitely not anti-Prince, said Johnston (whose college nickname was Bubbles).

We're not anti-family or anti-marriage, if anything we're anti-Damsel in Distress. Our message the single life can also be a fairy tale. The End!

Princess Bubble stars a princess who is confused by the traditional fairytale messages that say she must find her prince before she can live happily ever after. Princess Bubble dons her thinking crown to research traditional fairy tales, interviews married girlfriends, and even takes counsel from her mother, who advises her to sign up at FindYourPrince.com.

With a little help from her fairy godmother (this is still a fairy tale after
all), Ms. Bubble discovers that living happily ever after is not about finding a prince. True happiness, the book reveals, is found by loving God, being kind to others, and being comfortable with who you are already! We've had countless women all over the nation tell us they wish there had been a book like this when they were young, said Johnston. This is a story women can truly believe in and feel comfortable sharing with their children.

You are strongly advised to think again if you have a daughter and want grandchildren in wedlock.

It is actually quite quite wicked to tell young girls to repeat the mistakes of the women who did not get round to getting married and are now facing the prospect of growing old alone, husbandless and childless, with only the prospect of having a cat or a dog to share their roof or bed.

Unmarried and divorced mothers will buy it for themselves and read it to their daughters to validate their life choices and cause their daughters to perpetuate their mistakes, but married mothers ought to know better.

Those married mothers who would give their daughters this rubbish are -

(a) unfit mothers and/or
(b) hate their daughters and/or
(c) don't want grandchildren and/or
(d) hate their husbands and men in general and want their daughters to share this view and/or
(e) unhappily married

Is there much difference between giving your daughter PRINCESS BUBBLE and telling her to always make a point of accepting sweets from strangers and getting into their cars when invited to do so?

If you

  • love your daughter
  • love the father of your daughter
  • have the good fortune to be glad you married your husband
  • in any way enjoyed the family life that your parents provided

then you will not be buying to book for either yourself of your daughter.

Instead, you would be condemning it in the strongest possible terms at every available opportunity.

My advice for women who want children to see to it that they have an eligible man capable of being induced to marry them and father their children by the time they are 25, remains the most practical.


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