The Fall of Western Civilisation, Fucked by Feminism and Fellatio

So this is how it happens.

You tolerate widespread illegitimacy.

There more you tolerate illegitimacy the more sluts and bastards there are.

The more sluts there are the more dicks get sucked.

The more dicks that get sucked the more men like it to the exclusion of higher concerns such as honour, educational and moral standards, tradition, culture, justice, the rule of law etc.

The more men care about getting their dicks sucked the more corrupt and crap their society becomes.

This is what happens when you hand over control of your government to a bunch of dick-sucking sluts when indiscriminate universal suffrage was introduced.  That was when the women who produced the dick-sucking slut single mums of today were enfranchised and began to reproduce at taxpayers' expense.

How many generations of sluts and bastards have we now got in the UK?

2011 - 1945 = 66 years (since universal child benefit was given to any child born in Britain, whether legitimate or illegitimate)

1 generation = 16 years

66 divided by 16 = 4+ generations of sluts and bastards

That is why sluts and bastards now outnumber wives and the legitimate. Theresa May, Chairman of the Tory Party, gave them additional encouragement to breed like flies in 2002, as if they needed further encouragement.

Dick-sucking was invented by the female: probably a mother trying to make her boy baby to shut the fuck up.  She then discovered this was also a good way of getting her man to shut the fuck up.  Men are happy to shut the fuck up if they get their dicks sucked.

When a man has his dick sucked by a slut she sucks his brains right out too, together with his money and his courage and his honour and his strength, until all he can think of is having his dick sucked by as many sluts as he can, before he dies in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland - a land and people cursed by God.


Propose that only those who pay a minimum of taxes should get the vote, which would instantly disenfranchise bastard-bearing slut single mums. They are after all the promiscuous and women incompetent at contraception who allow themselves to be impregnated by men not their husbands, or men whom they would not dream of marrying.   They are the ones who breed the next generation of stupid sluts and criminal bastards, and are responsible for the ever lowering moral, intellectual and educational standards of Western idiocracies.  These sluttish women and their acolytes cannot be criticised, and this means they are the unofficial deity that the idolatrous British worship - they, who have made a god of their appetites. has a politer version of this idea.

I would wager that even after reading no man can say no to having his dick sucked by a slut single mum.  But perhaps, next time, he will think, fleetingly, of the society-putrefying filth and moral corruption in the bobbing head of the slut single mum greedily sucking out his balls, his brains and his guts, before he closes his eyes and surrenders to his pleasure ...


kurt reckling said…
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kurt reckling said…
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Claire Khaw said…
I am female and very flattered at your offer, Kurt!

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