A white woman's instinctive response after watching this video of an old man floored by a thug


She said:

"It seems a perfect example to me of 'black on black crime'. They are obviously drunk or on drugs. At least they didn't attack the women."

Why? The women are more likely to be slut single mums. The old man, even if his mother was as slut, was not responsible for his bastardy.

Did this woman think the mothers of the young man and his gang members who punched the old man for no reason were married when they were born?

Are there any white liberal women who want to cuddle these young black men who have had bad slutty mothers and slap them on the wrist after a compassionate heart to heart about the errors of their ways?

If these women get gang-raped by these young black men, should we feel sorry for them?

Maybe it would be less distressing to witness if these young black men only practised hunting liberals ie those who are soft on crime, sluts and bastards and the causes of crime, sluts and bastards.

Those who are soft on crime, sluts and bastards and the causes of crime, sluts and bastards tend tend to be white middle class liberal feminists ie women, who may be slut single mums themselves, or have daughters who are slut single mums, or who have female friends who are slut single mums.  

Clearly, it was the reproductive choices of WOMEN and their bad mothering who created these young black thugs.

Should we even blame these young black thugs for behaving the way they do when most of their peers behave like that anyway?

Perhaps the white race are indeed to blame because it is white people's liberal feminist governments who refuse to get tough on this sort of behaviour nor the slut single mums and their bad mothering who produce the kind of young black men witnessed on the happy slapping video you just saw.  

If you ask anyone in the liberal political establishment (and this includes the liberal media) if criminality is related to Slut Single Mums they will pretend they do not know what you are talking about and perhaps suggest you are mad and silly, when really they are probably thinking of the following:

  1. female relations who are slut single mums
  2. their female friends who are slut single mums
  3. the mother of their illegitimate child (if they are male eg Ed Miliband and Justine Thornton now Mrs Miliband)
  4. their mother or 
  5. even themselves (if they are female) 
who fall under the category of being a Slut Single Mum ie a mother of a BASTARD.

Is it true then that WOMEN are to blame for most of the ills of this world?

Obviously, if they are not in charge, you cannot blame them, but they are in charge, and the attitude of this particular white middle class woman was quite clear - it was a mixture of racism and indifference to the victim because not only was he black, he was also a mere man.
And this is the reason why feminism must be challenged.  The liberal media all know about me and who I am, and their policy is to IGNORE me, hoping that I will get tired and eventually go away.  
Don't look to the BNP to challenge feminism because they are all stuffed with sluts and bastards too.  They are also trying to court the female vote (have you seen their new love heart BNP logo?) so they won't be saying anything about
  2. the principles of racial health and hygiene ie their promiscuous women who make bad reproductive choices and who often have illegitimate and disabled offspring who grow up to become either welfare-dependant NEETs or criminals (whom British employers do not want as employees)
  3. the female-dominated teaching profession that refuses to condemn slut single mummery
  4. why white men would rather let their women remain sluts because otherwise they wouldn't be getting any "action" because no woman would want to marry a man with a lifetime of welfare dependency in front of and behind him or a McJob (unless she were a stupid slut gagging to pass on her genes )
In fact, the BNP even expelled me for saying that it is not a good idea for the white race for white women to copy the behaviour of Riven Vincent (who knew 13 years ago that she had Multiple Sclerosis and then went on to have her severely disabled daughter Celyn, who is blind, cannot lift her head nor move any of her limbs who cannot be criticised).  

We know who are in charge by whom we cannot criticise, and we cannot criticise SLUT SINGLE MUMS or women who make bad reproductive choices and whose existence and their offspring are a burden on others who are not their husband.  

Would you rather be afraid of an Evil Dictator or the Secret Police, or would you rather be known as being a citizen of a nation whose government and its dishonourable opposition are all afraid of Slut Single Mums, whose numbers are greater than the mothers of legitimate children?

Would you rather your nation be known as a nation of sluts and bastards?

If you are an effeminate man feminised by years of feminism you will probably have no principles and feel no shame, and have no idea what I am on about.  In any case, you will be too busy jerking yourself off to Internet porn to be reading this.

And even if you did read this and understood what I am saying, you won't be doing anything about it, because the next thing you will do is find some Internet porn to jerk yourself off to, to take your mind off things, and then you will go to the pub to find some slut to fuck and give you a blow-job, which, fortunately for you, ain't too hard, because there are lots of stupid sluts around gagging to be the mother of your illegitimate children, which you won't have to pay for, because the taxpayer is made to pick up the tab .... 


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