Feminism to blame for Political Correctness and Multiculturalism, yet dumb dumb BNP are still chasing the female vote and afraid of offending SSMs


"the degree of a nation or society's embrace of Multiculturalism and PC is related directly to the amount of equality and even social superiority between women, on the one hand, and men on the other. That the more most women are equal or slightly superior to most men, the more the society will broadly embrace PC and Multiculturalism. And that further, the more the ELITES are equal among genders, or women elites are slightly superior to most (but not all) male elites, the more the elites will whole-heartedly embrace Multiculturalism and PC."

‎"Women are hard-wired to crave dominance. Need it, want, do anything for it. Including import lots of dominant Muslim men, in the hope of transforming the nation into a place filled with dominant, sexy A-holes that women crave."

"Sweden is importing basically, Muslim bad boys, making excuses for rapes and assaults, embracing PC, and loathing its history, culture, and values, because it is run in the main part to appeal to women (if not run by them directly) and there is nothing Women in the West HATE HATE HATE more than a Beta male. Or a Beta Male society. It wasn't always so, but it is today."

Yes, women hate betas for not being alphas. It is racially TRAGIC then that most white men were never told by their useless slut single mums or by their absent fathers that they should make something of themselves or no decent woman is ever going to give them the time of day.

Even the ugliest man will get his end away if he has money to throw around.

Blame it on the welfare state you are all so mollycoddled by then.

Oh yeah, and your cheap cheap women.


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