COWARDICE: why it is OK for women to be cowards but not men

It doesn't matter that women are cowards because they will still be useful as bearers of children (for the enemy race who will spare their lives).

Indeed, it is in the interests of the race that women do not act recklessly in case they provoke violence which may lead to death.

For men, though, it is necessary for the survival of their race that they are not cowards.  What the invader tends to do is kill the men and enslave the women and children.   So it is in their own interests that they do not behave like women.  Cowardice would suggest weakness leading to exploitation by their women or by an unscrupulous, corrupt and weak leader leading ultimately to exploitation by an external enemy.

These are the simple principles of group survival, but which will sound like rocket science even to the current and practising members of the BNP.

How SHAMEFUL that they need a female and foreigner to point this out.

How SHAMEFUL that even now they are still looking the other way and saying I am mad and pretending they don't know what I am on about.

How SHAMEFUL that even now they dare not criticise their Slut Single Mums, whom they know are ultimately stupider, weaker and more cowardly than they, who are making the white race weaker, more stupid, more degenerate and more cowardly with every bastard born in Britain each minute of the day ....

Do they even know why bastardy is considered a bad thing?  Bet they don't know and are too scared and stupid to find out, those useless, shiftless, gutless witless cunts, or already know (because they are themselves illegitimate) ...

Maybe they just don't want to be expelled from their social club (there is no point calling it a political party any more).   


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