Feminism BAD for women. 1 in 4 women in the US a CRAZY LADY!


Is it because most of these women are sluts or bastards (because their mothers are sluts)?

I bet there is a direct correlation to mental illness with sluttery and bastardy that is endemic in the West.   It is so endemic that most people now think it is NORMAL to either be a slut or a bastard, and you can get expelled from a white nationalist party just for pointing out that sluttery and bastardy is not good for the white race.

But, hey, you can only try, eh?

White is the New Black.   


" ... the social conditions faced by black Americans--poverty, racism, unemployment, female-headed households, illegitimacy, and the increasing divorce rate [fuelled by FEMINISM]--place blacks at high risk for 'mental disorder, crime and family and community breakdown.'

It is not a matter of being black or white, it is a matter of what you do.

Are you a stupid slut?

Or maybe you've just been a stupid fucker all your life?

Time to stop and think, and put it away for a bit, eh?


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