The moral case for legalising brothel-keeping

  1. It would be a job creation scheme for slut single mums who will need a source of income after the welfare state is dismantled.  
  2. It would stop men from thinking there is such a thing as no-strings sex. 
  3. It would allow us to digest the idea that it is possible to be lower than a whore if you are a slut single mum.  By this I mean a prostitute tells the punter the price in advance, while a slut pretends its free and then contacts the CSA when the illegitimate baby is born, and then the man will find himself paying for the child he never intended to have with a woman he would never dream of marrying.  
  4. It would discourage sluts from exploiting vulnerable men who cannot say NO to a woman who offers them what they think is no-strings sex.
  5. It would attract tourists and help our balance of payments.
  6. It would discourage more sluts and bastards from coming into being.
  7. The Koran in fact tolerates prostitution and therefore brothel-keeping.
  8. It would demolish the whole rotten edifice of FEMINISM in one satisfying explosion.


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