What the matriarchy does to unwanted and illegitimate children whose unmarried mothers they refuse to discourage from breeding


Pump them full of drugs.  

But the men of Britain are too stupid to notice or too scared to say anything, having had their brains and balls and guts sucked out through the blow-jobs they keep getting from the sluts they love so much and dare not criticise.

Anyway, these gutless men (or shall we call them drones?) have female friends who are Slut Single Mums they are hoping to get a blow-job from, or whose mums are Slut Single Mums, whose female relations are Slut Single Mums and who probably knocked up a Slut Single Mum or two themselves.  Why, they may even have grandchildren whose mothers are Slut Single Mums.

Or they are elderly men no longer up to much.

You can insult these witless, shiftless, gutless drones all you like.  Nothing will happen because these fuckers actually feel no SHAME.

That is why it is hopeless. If only there were a collective gun to blow out the what might pass for the collective brains of this country.  Their guts are all over the floor anyway, but for some reason they won't die ....


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