Cougars and Cubs

Men (or should I say "Cubs"), if you are young and charming and patient enough, with coachman-like good looks and don't mind being treated as a servant, you can always shack up with a cougar AKA sugarmummy who will have fertility issues or who doesn't want children. After all, if you are low enough to do this, you don't deserve to breed or don't want to anyway.

This is about young men who are low enough to sleep with older women for their money, but who give up the chance of being a father of legitimate children and having a normal family life. These men are no better than male prostitutes, because we all know men really prefer to shag younger women but can shag older women if they are given the right financial incentive.

If all younger men became cubs, then the human race would die out, but I guess this would suit younger men with no self-respect who want to sleep their way into money rather than earn it themselves, who use environmental concerns to avoid having the responsibilities of taking a wife and being a father of legitimate children.

The cub will of course have the option of divorcing the cougar and moving on to a younger cougar. He may even get half her stuff and her house.

I have been told by aspiring "cubs" that older women are more interesting and sexually experienced. Perhaps this is only to be expected when women are protected by employment legislation that allows them to compete unfairly with men. 

It is not about whether these cougars are still shaggable, but the morality and long term societal consequences of enticing younger men to shag women who are past child-bearing, when they could be working and maintaining families of their own with legitimate offspring.

This is of course the quickest way of creating a nation of drones.

Perhaps affluenza means a declining birth rate and is as inevitable as night following day, old age, arthritis, illness and death. 

Perhaps there is nothing you can do with civilisations who are at this particular part of their cycle. 

So, perhaps it will be the end of Western civilisation as we know it, when it will become Muslim civilisation in the West, because at least Islam tells Muslims to have legitimate children and to  respect the institutions of marriage and family, to think about posterity and future generations, while cubs are thinking of which cougars to shack up with, in a childless but financially advantageous relationship.

Two interesting facts:  When you hit 60 you are called a jaguar.  Also, Khadija, the Prophet Muhammad's first wife, was a cougar and he a cub. The marriage was not however childless and she had four daughters by him.


Jeremy Janson said…
"who use environmental concerns to avoid having the responsibilities of taking a wife and being a father of legitimate children."

I've long noticed that environmentalism is generally an excuse to avoid responsibility or get what you want. Here in the US it's more the rich using "protecting the environment" as an excuse to prevent heavy industry from moving in and disrupting their view or lowering their property values.
Adolfo said…
Do you mean like María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, (a descendant of King James II of England, VII of Scotland) and her much more younger ‘husband’, the commoner Alfonso Díez Carabantes?
You can check out the happy couple at:
Warning: very graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

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