Nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year's Honours

Do you think I have done something extraordinary or just deserve attention over and above what I have already so skilfully managed to generate on own?


Adolfo said…
Done! Below there is a copy of the mail I just send to the BBC guys. I hope it helps.


I want to propose Miss Claire Khaw to be a recipient of your ‘New Year Honour’

Miss Khaw is a political commentator who writes two blogs ( and in which she makes provocative, robust and light comments on politics, culture and society. While I agree with most of her comments, I strongly disagree on some others; however the core value of Miss Khaw's work is the fact that she brings to the public discussion topics that neither of political sides, conservative and liberal, dare to discuss. Whether for cowardice, complicity, political calculations to keep a political clientele or just intellectual laziness, such issues are not full discussed and analyzed in the political agenda. I think Miss Khaw’s work deserves more public attention (something you can provide quite easily being a major actor of the British media) and in such a way you would contribute to have a greater diversity in the discussions of the political agenda.


Claire Khaw said…
Thank you so very much, Adolfo!

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