Orwell Prize: Writing the Riots. My encounter with Paul Lewis, Yasmin Alhibai Brown and Mary Riddell

Paul Lewis - a good-looking young man as you can see

Paul Lewis being interviewed by Daisy Newman with her ma's hand holding recorder

Paul Lewis explaining why Daisy Newman's question was so stupid it did not deserve an answer

Paul Lewis - looking impossibly dashing so it is not surprising that he is full of himself

Paul Lewis with the latest copy of Private Eye


While I hoped (but did not expect) that David Starkey would  be on the WRITING THE RIOTS panel,  I was disappointed that no reference at all was made about his comment that whites have become black, despite much talk about the racial disadvantage being suffered by blacks, especially by Nicolas Kent.


Aware that Paul Lewis is doing research into the causes of the riots, I wondered what he thought about the possibility of illegitimacy being the common factor.   To this the arrogant young pup responded haughtily that the remark was so stupid it did not deserve an answer.   (I might have taken it personally had I not heard him say exactly the same thing to a pretty young lady who was playing at being journalist with her mother, when she asked him a very good question: Should social media be closed down during riots if it is that which is facilitating in their rioting?  To this the arrogant young pup said that the British cannot be like the, yuck, Arabs or any of those non-Western peoples who do sensible things to keep the forces of chaos at bay, or words to that effect.)

I asked Paul Lewis why it was stupid to suggest that illegitimacy was a factor as there was much evidence to suggest that illegitimacy was a factor, particularly as I remember politicians talking about telling parent(s) on the radio, during the riots, to give their children a call to see where they were, as well as blaming the riots on "bad parenting" and "absent fathers".  Still the Arrogant Young Pup maintained that there was no evidence to suggest that this was so.

I asked if there were any statistics being compiled to link illegitimacy with rioting, and he said there was no evidence to suggest that.

I asked if there were any statistics being compiled to discover if there is such a link and was not given a proper answer.

I asked if not, why not, but did not receive a proper answer either, and was dismissed from his presence when he told me that we would have to agree to disagree.

I then approached Yasmin Alibhai Brown http://alibhai-brown.com/index.php

I started by asking what she thought of the fact that it seemed that Muslims with shops appeared to be the race that suffered most from the riots.   http://madn3wz.blogspot.com/2011/08/uk-riots-birmingham-three-killed-in-hit.html

Oh, it was because they are the ones with the shops to loot, she answered.

Why, I asked, was it that brown people were the ones with the shops while white and black people were the looters of those  shops?  Was she not concerned for her fellow-Muslims?

A white man died in Ealing, she said, and there were Asian rioters too.  Nevertheless, there were fewer Asian rioters and more Asian men died as a result of the riots, but she would not accept this point, for some reason.  (I had thought she would be concerned about her fellow Muslims having shops being looted and their sons killed in defence of their shops, but I could see no hint of this.)

I then mentioned David Starkey whom I thought seemed to have put his finger on it: black people are known to be mostly illegitimate and white people are these days mostly illegitimate too.   There was the connection, surely, even if David Starkey did not himself specifically mention illegitimacy?

"David Starkey knows nothing!" she said, angrily.

"David Starkey knows nothing about anything except Tudors," she added, before walking off and ending the conversation.

I had better luck with Mary Riddell though, whom I felt just had a hint of integrity and journalistic standards despite my suspecting her to be a bit of a Lefty, and I warmed to her and liked her in spite of my suspicions.   I think it was actually she whom the late Susan Crosland (whose funeral is blogged at http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.com/2011/03/susan-croslands-funeral-4-march-2010.html) said she did not wish to be interviewed by because she was feeling fragile after the death of Auberon Waugh and opted for an interviewer whom she felt would be gentler and perhaps less penetratingly sharp.   (If I have got this wrong and am confusing her with another female journalist who asked to interview Susan but did not get to, no doubt Mary will correct me.)

At any rate, Mary admitted that she had forgotten about David Starkey's remarks and agreed that they should have been discussed.  She too rushed off though - perhaps made uneasy by the subject - or really because she did have a dinner date.   She was nicely dressed for it anyway, and I hope she enjoyed her evening.  

I trust she will, if her time and her journalistic integrity permits, consider the correlation between illegitimacy feminism and the chaos that will end Western civilisation if Western governments in conspiracy with Liberal Feminist journalists of the Left continue to ignore, deny and suppress the evidence that tolerance of slut single mums that breed their variously fathered feral bastards at taxpayers' expense will destroy their nation.




demonstrates the 50% connection between parasitical bastard-breeding sluts and half our GDP going to them and their spawn.

70% of convicted prisoners were singly-parented, and, black people, being mostly singly-parented mostly make up this group in the US.


White people have become like black people.

Our politicians are afraid of offending Slut Single Mums because too many of them now have the vote.   

Do liberals really want to be governed by a government afraid of Slut Single Mums?

Do liberal journalists really hate their own children so much they don't care if they grow up in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland and become unemployable welfare-dependent Paedos, Bastards and Sluts, and are known as such by other nations?

Oh, and don't anyone dare call me racist when writing about me or I will sue.   You can call me "Slut Single Mum-ist" or Sluttophobe, if you like, but I don't think there is a law against this ... yet ....


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