Louise Mensch using her gender and her children to intimidate her detractors?



So Frank Zimmerman is going to be charged next month, and we have no idea what he said.

Bet he didn't say anything particularly scary.

Bet a man would not have gone to the police, but because she is a WOMAN ....

And this is why most women shouldn't be in politics. They just degrade the level of debate and silence their opponents by claiming they have been offended or frightened or upset by their detractors who must therefore be evil for upsetting them.

We should know now what Frank Zimmerman described as "an unemployed recluse" - said that made her shop him to the coppers.  If it turns out that it is not in fact a credible threat, or a threat that any red blooded male in British politics (well, a hypothetical one anyway) would have dismissed and not lost sleep over.

But no, we have to wait a whole bloody month before we discover what an elderly man said that might have caused this female politician to go crying to the coppers.

The questions the court should consider are:

  1. "Would a male politician of reasonable firmness have considered the communication a credible threat justifying the involvement  of the police?"
  2. "Was this female politician using her gender and her children to facilitate the punishment and intimidation of her detractor in a way that would not have been open to a male politician?"
  3. "Should this woman be charged with wasting police time if the answer question 1 is NO and the answer to question 2 is YES?"

Strangely, she is now describing herself as a "single mother".   

"As a single mother, it's a job I try not to delegate,"  

she tweeted.

Has she already divorced the second husband she married in June?  She seems to be going through husbands at the rate of knots.


Louise Bagshawe used to be my Facebook friend.   


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