All who wish UKIP to admit me should write to

Steve Harris



The Old Grain Store

Church Lane


West Sussex

BN17 7 QJ

and say why, before the end of the year.


  1. I used to be a member of UKIP.
  2. My Eurosceptic credentials are impeccable.
  3. I was one of Bill Cash MP’s volunteers during the passage of the Maastricht Bill through the House of Lords at Committee Stage.
  4. I may have said controversial things but never anything racist, for I believe any apparent differences between the races have their roots in environment and culture rather than race and genetics.
  5. The fact that I am non-white should attract non-white voters to UKIP.
  6. I am known to the Muslims and they are by no means hostile even though they are aware of past association with the BNP.    
  7. My association with the BNP would help to attract more members to the UKIP, which would be a good thing because it would show that UKIP are not the PC cowards they are who bore and frustrate voters by their fear of being accused of racism. 
  8. My legal training would be useful to UKIP.
  9. My communication skills would be useful to UKIP, particularly in my capacity as Press Officer or Director of Communications.
  10. The fact that I am controversial would attract publicity for UKIP.  All publicity is good publicity, if managed skilfully.
  11. I have a coherent and worked-out ideology as well as a political strategy on how the Eurosceptic parties can best collaborate to inflict maximum damage on the LibLabCon.
  12. While I am aware that there will be UKIP members who will object to my admission, they will not be able to prove that I am racist or cite anything racist I may have said.   Their objections are in any case personal (because I have offended them) or personal ambition (how they would hate to see me benefit from having the courage to tell the truth as I see it, instead of cowering and cringing like them with ambiguous non-committal pronouncements designed to avoid giving offence to those who should be criticised) or rooted in an irrational fear of being associated with someone associated with a party known to be “racist”.  
  13. I may be able to persuade other experienced and prominent members of the BNP to join UKIP which would demoralize what is left of the BNP, causing yet more defections.
  14. I have devised a method of cleansing such ex-BNP members of the taint of racism.
  15. I have devised a Code of Conduct for Members which I believe would make relations between members more co-operative and comradely.  
  16. The prohibition against ex-BNP members joining UKIP is in any case ultra vires.
  17. The only reason to NOT admit me is if you really think UKIP would have fewer votes because I am a member, and that is most unlikely, as I am now already known for thinking the unthinkable, saying the unsayable, telling the truth as I see it and having perfect command of all my arguments.   
  18. Foreign-born though I am, non-white though I am, I speak for the British better than the indigenous British politicians can speak for the British, and I am not afraid to say what needs to be said, without fear of favour.  If you listen carefully you will hear, up and down the nation, the liberals quaking in their boots and the Vampire of Feminism hissing with rage, for she fears the light of Truth and the revelation of Reason that will demonstrate her dementia, incompetence and the unwarranted burden she places on this country by condoning and sponsoring widespread illegitimacy, whose talents she wastes and whose wealth she squanders on her useless projects to demonstrate her status - the status of being so privileged she is far removed from reality and can defy common sense - and her endless indiscriminate nauseating stinking toxic discharge of compassion and tolerance of all that is evil and destructive in society.  Let us now drive a stake through her heart, before night falls again .....


Anthony Tovey (MAFRA) said…
If it helps EVERYONE to know this. I wrote to ALL HEADS or POLITICAL PARTIES BNP, Liberal, Labour, Conservative, Monster Raving Looney Party and even the Green Party to ask for "parliamentary help" I am an innocent man wrongfully accused of rape and from 1994 til present date (today) I have fought tirelessly without any legal ;or parliamentary help to clear my name and to sue the UK Gov't regarding discrimination in Gloucestershire College where I intended to study towards a Law Degree but they had other plans for my life. THEY RUINED IT! I went to this college from 1999-2003 and was deliberately cheated out of my G.C.S.E. grades so I would never go to University. they then offered me a course in 2008 for those who are aged SIXTEEN TO TWENTY FIVE with LEARNING DIFFICULTIES I am neither age ;or has L.D. I am FORTY SEVEN. I was never convicted for any allegation made against me and despite the collegew asking for my CRB which is ENHANCED and has no convictions for rape, paedophilia ;or other sexual offences, they purposely denied me the right to study towards a Law Degree. I then tried to take this case on my own the E.C.H.R. going through the E.C.J., European Parliament, European Ombudsman, Local Gov't Ombudsman, L.E.A., A.L.I., L.S.C. and every other avenue I could including MP's, M.E.P.s and many others and not one decent person would stand up and defend ;or help my cause. I am also being ALLOWED to become a victim of death threats, long term harassment, offensive graffiti and other Acts of hate crimes against me and not one person out of many has ever been prosecuted. It appears that a single man must be allowed to suffer whereas a single woman must not be allowed to. I had sent many legal documents to the ECHR which was returned back to the UK but has never been posted back to me thus utter corruption in and out of the ECHR and UK. The ECHR claim I have no case and I am aware that I had. Liberty, The Aire Centre and other human rights groups would not help me ;or any other TOP Human rights law firms. I name and shame those in positions of power who are politically corrupted by extreme feminists that they destroyed an innocent man's life to appease corrupt feminists and that one day they too would suffer the same fate. Past and present MP's, MEP's, PM's over a SEVENTEEN YEAR period including the Home Office Ministers. The UK Gov't and MP's do not care for innocent men wrongfully accused of rape despite this country is run by over 400 MEN known as Members of Parliament. What a national disgrace to know that my so called "HUMAN RIGHTS" and social housing rights are violated to appease corrupt feminism in the United Kingdom. It is nice to learn that one of my cats was thrown under a car and I was nearly set fire to in a prison for a crime I never committed and yet denied any rights as a VICTIM !

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