How to discourage female promiscuity by regulating the supply of the pill

A slut is a woman with the sexual morality of a man.  

This lifestyle became possible with the invention of the contraceptive pill, but women still have unwanted pregnancies and illegitimate children all over the place.  This shows that women are not really that clever even with something apparently as fool-proof as the pill.  

The pill entices them into extramarital sex with the promise of protection yet, through negligence, recklessness and incompetence, they continue getting knocked up, suffer from unwanted pregnancy something chronic and have their variously-fathered feral bastards all over the place the behaviour of whom bring the white race into disrepute.  

I therefore propose withdrawing the pill from any woman who does not declare herself to be a prostitute.  While regular tax assessments will be sent to her by HMRC, no further action will be taken even if she declares her earnings to be nil.   

If she is really a working prostitute then of course she would be obliged to declare her earnings.

If she is merely a fornicatress she would enjoy the benefit of being regularly reminded that her fornication has not earned her anything.    


Robin said…
They'll start buying bootlegged pills on the black market. Some of these will be fakes. Then we'll get some "illegitimi".

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