Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl




How odd that Sex and the Single Girl - a book encouraging single women to have extramarital sex - was in fact written by a married woman.

Didn't these feminists know that advice from such a woman would be suspect?  Feminists are very silly women and what they do and say should be drowned in a very large pile of salt.   Sadly, however, men these days doff their caps to them and pull their forelocks, obeying their orders and destroying their own civilisation, for the moral corruption of tolerating female promiscuity (and consequently widespread bastardy) will also destroy the masculinity and the honour of the men and with it the quality of the next generation who will consist mostly of sluts and bastards and women who do it Accidentally On Purpose like Mary F Pols.


Are there any women who are single and don't want to be?  Yes, I ask this question of every single and looking woman for whom it is now too late to find a decent man because they became extinct a long time ago to mock them for their stupidity.   Did you really think you could have it all, you stupid cow?  

Perhaps, like Hess, her grave will be desecrated when she is dead, by disillusioned feminists and sluts who have fucked up their lives.  



Dulantha said…
Gender hypocrisy do not allow to understand the real nature of sexuality. This is the most unfortunate thing. Stupid hypocritical men are still protecting feminists and promoting feminism while feminists are fighting against men and male sexuality.

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