Violence can only mean PHYSICAL violence but there is a matriarchal conspiracy to persuade stupid cunt Brits that ain't so

Men accused of ‘bullying or abusing’ their wives could face criminal charges under new domestic violence laws.

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It is of course a demented cuntish liberal feminist conspiracy to

  1. make marriage more unpopular
  2. make family break-up more likely
  3. deprive parents of parental authority
  4. deprive men of masculine authority
  5. fuck up the next generation
  6. fuck up your country even more than it is already
  7. and then turn it over fuck it up the ARSE
so we can all go to hell in our handcart FASTER.

Are you a degenerate stupid cunt British MALE MP who is going to take this lying down?

Of course you are, of course you are, you stupid fucking CUNT degenerate piece of effeminate SHIT with a dick attached to you.   


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