Yet another single mother with scummy boyfriend who kills her child

No doubt the rest of the world thinks that the average Briton is some promiscuous single mother who will be entrusting her child to some scummy drug-addicted paedophile boyfriend who will kill it after sexually assaulting it.

Fiona McKeown was the first in this series of typical British mums now internationally infamous.

Then there was Baby P's mother.

Then the Dundee case.

Now the lorrydriver boyfriend with a history of domestic violence who hanged himself. (His girlfriend's 9 year old daughter was found strangled in his cab.)

While it is no skin off my nose that these people use their children as a means of acquiring more benefits from the state, hire them out to perform kiddy porn, turn them into sex slaves, let them get knocked up by some other CHAV at their local sink school comp, sell them for meat or whatever, it is actually very distressing to many people of a more sensitive disposition.

What I am concerned with is the lowering of Britain's already devalued reputation as a result of these stories.

Surely people abroad will soon be pointing at white trash types they see and jeer at them, saying:

"You're mostly paedophiles, aren't you? Bet you're bastard or a bastard-breeder. Bet you have a history of drug and drink problems and have never worked in your life. Have you had sex with your girlfriend's under-aged child yet? When are you going to kill it?" etc etc

How many more, I wonder, before the liberal elite will question the wisdom of unregulated female promiscuity whose practitioners are sponsored by the taxpayer?

Remember, dear reader, when you read of the next Baby P-type death, you should rejoice at the fact that we are in fact closer to getting the government to do something about this insanity. But perhaps they will continue to ignore the problem until the underclasses have killed off all their own children, which would be no bad thing, I suppose, if they are all going to grow up into the next generation of Tracey Connelly-types if they are female and her boyfriends if they are male, or become one of those 11 year olds who tortured Jamie Bulger to death for fun.

I am assuming that the government may get round to doing something about it soon, but they may just prefer to sit back and let the problem solve itself.

After all, it wouldn't do to suggest that the unmarried and promiscuous mother is akin to a parasite or a cancer, would it?

It seems they fear losing votes if they sound too censorious, but do parasites and cancers vote? I rather think not.

The extreme timorousness of HMG and its opposition is therefore, to me anyway, a bit of a mystery.


Filed under 'international news' in our local (Middle Eastern) newspaper:
A third of teenage British girls say they have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of their boyfriends, according to a report by a children's charity yesterday...
Andromeda said…
Pineapple Tart, would you cut and paste that report, please?
Hi Andromeda - This is the full report. There is no UK newspaper credited.
UK Girls Abused By Boyfriends
LONDON: A third of teenage British girls say they have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of their boyfriends, according to a report by a children's charity yesterday. A survey of more than 1,350 teenagers found that nine out of 10 girls aged 13 to 17 have been in an intimate relationship, with one in six of these saying they had been forced to have sex and one in 16 saying they had been raped. A quarter of girls had suffered physical violence such as being slapped or punched.
pjanus said…
Try theDaily Mailreport. This is a NSPC survey which is anti-male after having beein taken over by feminists. Please read the replies. There are not many fooled by the survey but it will probably be a feminist myth that will be reported ad nauseum similar to the 5 in every 4 women are raped myth (or is that 1 in 4).
Andromeda said…
Thank you, pjanus, for that link. That was very useful.

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