How to DESTROY feminism in 7 easy steps

  1. abolish child benefit
  2. repeal the Sex Discrimination Act
  3. repeal the Equal Pay Act
  4. introduce compulsory marriage contracts
  5. reintroduce fault into divorce
  6. withdraw from the EU
  7. abolish the welfare state


Anonymous said…
Instead of abolishing the welfare state - we should introduce compulsatory "head of the family" to bring people in responsibility. Welfare should always be temporary but you can't deny sometimes people have no job and so no money for food and so on.
Claire Khaw said…
There are always charities and soup kitchens.
Adolfo said…
Steps to destroy RADICAL Feminism, useless and senseless androgynism, and the militant heterosexualization of homosexuals (nothing against homosexuals, though, my favorite author is homosexual –Gore Vidal)

1. Abolition of marriage (it means absolutely nothing these days, but a misandrist industry used by lawmakers, attorneys, media and politicians to exploit and denigrate men in a any possible way)
2. Introduction of the ‘Heterosexual Monogamous-Polygamous Civil Partnership for the raising of Children’. A civil contract which would forcibly include a ‘Divorce Contract’ (everything must be settled down from the very beginning).
3. Reintroduction and regulation of polygamy. The message would be clear and loud: ‘Winner takes it all’. If you are a successful male, if your game is high and tight, you can take as many wives and lovers as you can afford and you want to have, not worrying to be financially stripped in a family court.
4. Reshape of the Welfare State. Any industrial nation needs a Welfare State to function and be stable. The industry needs protection, the farmers need subsidies and Joe Six Pack, once in a while, needs an unemployment check. The most important thing is that the Welfare State is only to help the temporary unfortunate to lick their wounds, stand up, and fight back, not to create a permanent underclass.
5. Despenatlization of prostitution. By calling a spade a spade, both genders would get a healthier and more realistic perspective of human interactions. No fairy tales, no stupid religious expectations.

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