The murderous consequences of liberal parenting

Costa Rican police detain the suspect

Alfred Alexandros Mill Saunders, 20, was arrested in Costa Rica after allegedly being found emerging from a tent where a Czech woman had been subjected to a knife attack. He is understood to be the son of a leading London psychoanalyst.

Local police said Mr Saunders, thought to be from west London, had blood stains on his face and clothes when he was detained by the manager of the isolated eco-farm, who heard screams coming from the victim’s tent late on Wednesday night. Alexandra Drbohlavova, 20, from the Czech Republic, died after receiving up to 15 stab wounds to her face, chest and neck, police said.

Police chief Johnny Fernandez Morales said detectives believed the attack may have been sexually motivated. “Mr Mill told us he can’t remember anything about what happened,” said Mr Morales.

20 year-old Alfred Saunders son of 56 year-old Dr. Catia Galatariotou a psychoanalyst  who is an expert in expert on the sexual development of children and his father is 54 year-old Max Saunders an English teacher at King’s College London, they are separated now.

‘He lives with his mother, an expert on the sexual development of children…’

I wonder how this woman, an expert on the sexual development of children, brought him up.

Liberal parenting, eh?

If the victim had been your daughter, what would you like to happen to this pervert who lived with his mother, who is a single mother and an expert on the sexual development of children?

Did she study her own son's sexual development?  How was this done? Did she "develop" his sexuality?  If so, how was this done?

What kind of a mother was she?  What kind of a mother could she have been?  How did she bring up her son?


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