Autism caused by CRAP mothers?

How much do these fucking robot toys for autistic children cost?

Why should we subsidise crap mothering because British mothers are too useless to bring up their children properly?

I bet their autistic kids will start ripping the robots into fucking little pieces the moment their crappy mothers' backs are turned and they get bored of hugging their new toy.


Is the reason why there are so many children with behavioural problems is because their mothers are so crap and their children are bastards?  Are these autistic children the illegitimate offspring of Slut Single Mums who don't know how to bring up their children properly?

Maybe they just need a good smack from time to time and a good ticking off.

Or maybe they will just grow out of it without wasting any more taxpayers' money.

What is autism anyway?  If it is just the inability to control one's own emotions and see another person's point of view because we are in denial, then, hey, we are all guilty, aren't we?

Maybe feminists are all autistic.  Why don't we do some research into that?


Anonymous said…
Obviously you are ignorant and do not know what autism is about. I have a child with autism and it is not about misbehaving children. You should read more and get a life besides bashing others. Thank you but you are just full of brown.
Claire Khaw said…
Are you really saying that autistic children have fewer behavioural problems than normal children?

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