What to say to your child when it threatens to ring ChildLine


The first courageous thing David Lammy Labour MP has ever said, I was going to say, and then I thought, why is stating the obvious in early 21st century Britain considered "courageous"?

Because we are ruled by a totalitarian and demented matriarchy, is the answer.

If your children threaten to report you to ChildLine tell the little fuckers to go right ahead.  When Social Services come to take them away, they can look forward to a life in care where they will be sexually abused by their carers in their care homes, under-achieve, become drug addicts and be groomed for sex by sex predators of all races, after which they will lead a life of a drug-addicted prostitute, rent boy and porn actor with a goodly admixture of crime.

Tell them to GO RIGHT AHEAD and make your day.   Little fuckers.

Something tells me that non-white British citizens are getting very fed up indeed with the loony Left Liberalism being exhibited by so many dementedly virulent Feminazis who pussywhip their men until they are flaccid jellies of emasculated submission.  There is therefore a niche in the market if the "Right" offer a non-racist but coherent and socially cohesive ideology that stops this shit right in its tracks.   


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