Libertarians disdain to discourage teen mums from breeding bastards

So Sean Gabb the Director of the Libertarian Alliance thinks schoolgirls should be allowed to get on with becoming teen mums?

Perhaps these despicable libertarians think teen mums to be should be should be expressly encouraged to have sex with libertarians, particularly if they are under-aged?

Oh wait, these teen sluts are already known for sucking off anyone who asks them nicely and dropping their knickers for any passing fucker.  That is why white girls are considered "easy meat" by Pakistani-origin British men, as Jack Straw was saying.

So what is the problem? I think these libertarian FUCKERS just don't want to miss out on all this free fucking going on and they don't want Nadine Dorries to tell stupid teen sluts not to fuck libertarians who might knock them up in her Sex Education (Required Consent) Bill.

And this is what is known as "respectable" opinion in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

It is the policy of libertarians is to let their dicks hang out in the hope that teen sluts are going to suck them for free, I think, insofar as I can make out a policy from these confused arrogant depraved little sods who call themselves libertarians.

Referring to Nadine Dorries' affair with a married man, the Libertarian Alliance asks in its supercilious way:

"we do look forward to her denunciation of women who, in late middle age, get into bed with married men. Surely, at this time in a person's life, abstinence is both easier and more reasonable to expect?"

As far as I am concerned, Nadine Dorries need only be ashamed if she got herself knocked up and has a child out of wedlock.  Even so, it is mostly unlikely, if not actually impossible for her now to end up being a teen mum.


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