Poor self-image cannot explain maths gender gap

But lack of evidence is not the only problem, according to Stoet and Geary. Strategies aimed at tackling stereotype threat are actually doing more harm than good because vital resources are being dedicated to a problem that does not exist, they conclude.




Questions to ask ourselves:

  1. Why do we care that there are not enough girls doing maths if there are enough boys doing maths?
  2. Why do we care about making more girls do maths if they don't want to do maths?
  3. Isn't the reason why girls don't want to do maths even though some of them are good at it is because they don't want to be the odd one out and be teased and laughed at by the kind of girls who would sneer at someone who is good at maths, which is most girls who are not good at maths?
  4. Isn't this a problem of the kind of culture we live in, where the swot is mocked and victimised and there is tremendous pressure to conform or face bullying by bitchy classmates?
  5. Instead of improving maths teaching for all children, why are the British wasting time and resources trying to discover why girls don't do maths (when we already know, really) and making them do maths when they have neither the talent nor the inclination, just to appease the Feminist Fanatics?  (They will course insist that the reason why girls do not do maths and are not apparently much good at it is because of persistent gender discrimination, which demand state resources to tackle.)
  6. Haven't they wasted enough taxpayers' money already?
  7. Haven't they messed up society enough?
  8. Haven't they delighted Western civilisation for long enough already?
  9. When are the men going to tell them to fuck off and shut up?
  10. When is the government going to tell them to fuck off and shut up?


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