Wives and Mothers or Careerwomen and Single Mothers?

Can women have it all? Do they want it all? Or do they just want to be wives and mothers again, with husbands who work for them?

The problem in the West is that the men have become useless. Not only are men in the West now just women with dicks, they are poor and stupid, accustomed to getting easy and free sex because slags and slappers give it to them sex for next to nothing. (To be fair to these slags and slappers, they are told that sex with anyone is OK as long as they use contraceptives and the person asking for sex appears respectful and polite. This is what they are more or less told at their sex education classes in British state secondary schools.)

Because men are so useless, women therefore feel they have to find a career and this makes them less prepared to take any crap from men. This is what I would call Self-Reinforced Destruction. You have a problem and the action you take actually makes the overall problem worse.

I think it is sort of what happened when the Millennium Bridge wobbled, causing users to adjust their gait to keep their balance, causing it to wobble even more, until it was closed down.

It has been fixed though and is OK now.

I think I have just put my finger on The Reason for the fall of Western civilisation: feminism propped up at the expense of the taxpayer, who is now made to pay for single mothers and their bastards who will grow into the next generation of criminals and wasters.

This has already been happening for several generations now and the quality of the national gene pool is now perilously low. Slags and slappers are breeding with losers and wasters at the expense of the taxpayer.

We are still doing it though because Western governments are governed by men in the West who are just women with dicks. They are fools and knaves, cowards and hypocrites, feeble-minded yet tyrannical, too afraid to discuss such things because they might upset and, oooh, offend people.

Yes, I do mean these male MP who are so easily intimidated. Scared of Harriet Harman, are they? Have the little members of these Members shrivelled up
in the frigidairium of feminism? Then get out of the f*cking frigidarium, stupid!

Vote: Should women have a referendum on whether they would give up their rights under the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts and in return reacquire the ability to become mostly wives and mothers again?



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