What drives the feminist revolution: stupid promiscuous men and stupid promiscuous women

"The feminist revolution has been powered by male greed - for sex, money, and irresponsibility", says an anti-feminist.

I would add that the feminist revolution has also been driven by the stupidity of and promiscuity of women. Stupid because they have been persuaded that being promiscuous would be good for them. Some of them probably behave promiscuously, not because they even want to, but because they must to fit in and be one of the girls.

Typically, those who are now single mums can only whinge on about how hard it is to find another man and make ends meet.

Instead of bailing these women out with yet more benefits, why don't we let them sink under their own weight of stupidity and promiscuity. It would be cheaper and far more effective.

It is the only language they understand, or they will carry on getting knocked up by their low-life men and then whinge when they have to lie in their own badly-made beds.

Marry in haste repent at leisure.

Become an unmarried single mum, and you will ruin your life and subject your offspring to a life of disadvantage, under-achievement, delinquency and crime. You should also resign yourself to having illegitimate grandchildren and jump on the slide of generational decline. This is what in fact happens anyway, but most women appear to have difficulties acknowledging this and taking responsibility for their behaviour.

Typically, they look around for some man or government department to blame or bail them out, because they cannot look after themselves.

They are clearly having difficulties understanding the concept of moral hazard or think it does not apply to them because they are women. Either they cannot understand or they will not understand, because grasping and acting on the logic of this conclusion would mean sounding a bit like me, ie uncompassionate, intolerant and judgemental.

Being women, they think these qualities are unwomanly, so they continue to whinge, but continue to reject any solution that might work.

I wouldn't put these women in Homes for Fallen Women (or Foyers as Gordon Brown calls them), I would stop their child benefit and open Homes for Abandoned Children.


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