Not only do British men not have an alpha male to lead them, most of them are omega males afraid of omega females

Now that I have explained to the beta male of Britain how and why they are oppressed by feminism, which marginalises the beta male, it is up to them to ask their leaders why he won't say anything about it.

You would have thought that their leader would be an alpha male, but in fact Britain does not have an alpha male anywhere at all, not even in the highest echelons of government.

How can you be an alpha male if you are afraid of offending omega females?

Below are some points to note on the Khavian Theory of Race and Gender:
  1. An alpha female is the mate of an alpha male. 
  2. A beta female is the mate of the beta male.  
  3. An omega female is an SSM. An omega female is undeniably the least desirable female partner for a man seeking a wife to be the mother of his biological and legitimate children.
  4. Any male afraid of criticising the morals of the omega female is an omega male.
  5. The omega male (who can only aspire to be a MCSF -"Morally-Compromised Slut-Fucker" ) is lower than the omega female (an SSM
  6. Even an alpha male can be deprived of his status if he offends omega females, so he is not really an alpha at all.  
  7. All British males (even if apparently alpha or beta) who are afraid of offending the omega female are omega males.
  8. Even the official alpha male of Britain - Prime Minister David Cameron - is in fact an omega male because he fears to offend the omega female, a promiscuous female who has made bad reproductive choices and is a bad mother is considered to be least desirable by any male of any society that is considered healthy, moral and civilised.

How can you call yourself an alpha male if you do whatever your female partner says? The British now have their social and foreign policy influenced by some unelected woman and they say NOTHING.

The rest of British men must be omega males if they are too stupid or too scared to challenge Cameron.

That is why Asian sex predators abuse adolescent white British girls because they are easy meat and the omega males of Britain haven't got it in them to criticise the omega female SSMs who brought their victims into existence.

How low can these men sink?

Any society needs alphas and betas, but not omegas.  This country is stinking with omega males afraid of omega females.

While any society must have more betas than alphas, the British have more omegas than betas. This is what happens when men allow themselves to be ruled by the morally rotten ideology of feminism because they have been bribed by sluts offering cheap sex and are now addicted to it.  


Why don't you write anymore? And do you know that feminism is jewish engineered ideology?
The last sentence is just the root of feminism.
Claire Khaw said…
It is easier just to run one blog. You can find me at
Claire Khaw said…
I don't blame Jews for feminism because all races will fall to feminism if they fall below the required standard of sexual morality.

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