Beta males in Eurosceptic parties too scared and stupid to fight feminism even though they are the ones most affected

Steve Moxon
Here is a case of the type that explains the low stats for mariticide -- husband-murder -- conmpared to uxoricide. It's simply because women use third-party executioners. The reasons the woman has here are familiaely trivial.

This from today's DM.
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  • Jackson Wright If you are murdered you are more likely to be murdered by your spouse than anyone else.
  • Steve Moxon The point I'm making is that this applies to men just as much as it does to women, despite men being much more likely to be murder victims generally.

    Feminists pretend that spousal homicide is a women's issue, through citing a sex-differential in the s
    tats, when these stats do not take into account the sex-differential in modes of spousal homicide. Mariticide is far harder to detect than uxoricide, because women are far more motivated to try to get away with the crime, in that they wish for the family otherwise to remain intact and to benefit financially. Women can call on lovers, friends, relatives or a hired hit-man to carry out the deed to thereby distance themselves from it; or they can use direct but non-detectable methods such as the time-honoured poisoning.

    The case here indicates the relative triviality of motivation, which contrasts with the general case for men, who are remarkable in not much more frequently killing their partners given the major problems of financial ruin and denied child access that separation entails.
  • Jackson Wright What do you propose be done about this though?
  • Steve Moxon Dissemination of the true picture.
    The fulcrum of the collapse of the feminist viewpoint is intimate-partner violence, of which spousal homicide is the one remaining stat at the end of the collapse of the house of cards in the light of extensive research debunking each feminist staged retreat in their analysis of IPV.
  • Jackson Wright As I keep saying, you need a political party that people have heard of to spread the message. You need to make UKIP say they will repeal the Equality Act 2010 and reintroduce fault into divorce.
  • Steve Moxon Well I tried to get UKIP interested in properly understanding and attacking PC but this fell on deaf ears. They haven't woken up to the standard 'triangulation' by PC-fascists whereby sensible, ordinary perspective is misrepresented as extremist. Hence the Party's failure in the minor spat re my paper candidacy when political-Left journalists picked up on my previous comments pointing out that Anders Breivik was citing and not originating an analysis of PC, and that this analysis is accurate historically and politically.

    Until UKIP stops merely paying lip service to opposition to PC and actually practices it, then we're all still in trouble.

    They will wake up in due course, however, because there is at best only very short-term partial advantage in giving in to 'triangulation': the Party will soon enough have to face it head-on.

  • Jackson Wright Nigel Farage is a moral coward.
  • Jackson Wright But then most men are these days.
  • Jackson Wright Only beta males are initially affected by feminism. They would be too fearful of being deprived of their reproductive rights to fight it, so they do not. In the meantime alpha males think they are immune, but when they are knocked down one by one as sex offenders, eg Max Clifford etc, you know the game is up, unless you fight back NOW.
  • Jackson Wright Interestingly, it is only the BNP who have the solutions, surprisingly. They at least said they wanted to repeal the Equality Act 2010.
  • Jackson Wright Only an eye-catching campaign could turn the tide in time, but most of you are betas, so you would be either too afraid to fight or fight but retreat at the first setback, making your cause seem unworthy and ridiculous.

    Sadly, most men here are by d
    efinition betas. No alpha male would be seen dead in a men's rights group, for to do so would be identify oneself with victimhood. A man who is a victim is shop-soiled goods, like a rape-victim before women had been liberated, unless he fights back successfully.
  • Steve Moxon I don't agree. Alpha-males are more able to indulge their moral concerns without suffering penalty, and given that an objective anti-ideological analysis rather than mere perspectivism reveals PC and its feminist core as completely rotten, then we can expect alpha-males to be active in anti-feminism.
  • Jackson Wright Ideally, you would want a woman who knows how to behave like an alpha male to get anywhere, since alpha males would too afraid of their wives and being deprived of their homes and children to do anything, unless they are Rupert Murdoch or Charles Saatchi.

    Does anyone know a woman who understands the principles and practice of behaving like an alpha male? I can only think of Claire Khaw but she has already blotted her copybook with you all here.

    Indeed, she believes most of you are actually *afraid* of her.

    Paradoxically, it is probably a female and a foreigner who can do this better than the white indigenous male Briton.
  • Jackson Wright I cannot think of any alpha males who are active in anti-feminism. None of you strike me as alpha.
  • Steve Moxon Jackson's quite in error here. Plenty of ultra-famous clearly alpha-males make comments that are dismissed by journalists as misogynistic [sic] but which the alpha-males brush off with the contempt they deserve.

    The male world is not a division between
    alphas and betas but an overlap of all sorts of graded hierarchies. Anti-feminist circles have their own hierarchies, so by definition there have to be alpha-males within anti-feminism.
  • Jackson Wright You have to admit that there is no one in a position to lead the attack against feminism, Steve.

    You would have to choose a leader, and you probably won't get it together to choose one who is any good at all.
  • Jackson Wright This group is only devoted to preaching to the converted and whingeing. Nothing bold or positive is being proposed, only an unseemly competition to acquire greater victimhood than women.
  • Jackson Wright If you cannot find a political party to represent you, you would have to make do with a spokesperson to represent you. That is all I am saying, Steve.
  • Steve Moxon First, there is no necessity for any leader as such, and second, Warren Farrell has in a number of respects fulfilled this role very well.
  • Jackson Wright Who is Warren Farrell?
  • Jackson Wright What? There are no British leaders against feminism, are there?
  • Jackson Wright How curious for British men to expect an American to save them. Shades of WW1 and WW2, eh? Are British men collectively a damsel in distress awaiting their knight in shining armour to save them from the feminist dragon? If so, it is a rather comical picture.
  • Steve Moxon Fuckwit or what? Is admin on the case?
  • Jackson Wright You haven't answered my question, Steve. Who in Britain is going to save your pretty little ass?
  • Steve Moxon I certainly did: (1) "fuckwit" and (2) seven posts back.
  • Jackson Wright As for Mike Buchanan, a short angry ugly bitter man is not going to get anywhere with his little party. Definitely beta.
  • Jackson Wright No British leader against feminism, and you people don't even think you need one. That is interesting. Denial is a female trait, is it not?
  • Jackson Wright Do you really think you have time to go through the 5 stages of grief as outlined at before your civilisation collapses and you become properly Islamified? The smarter of your women will decide not to have anything to do with you if they want to have legitimate children and mate and marry only with Muslim men. Men who want reproductive opportunities will eventually convert to Islam.
  • Jackson Wright Faint heart n'er won fair lady.
  • Jackson Wright Basically, you are the kind of men who want paternity leave if the women are getting maternity leave, rather than saying that no employer should pay their employees to have babies.

    In truth, none of you wish to assume the burdens of being a man. W
    hat you really want is to have the right to be as effeminate as women and to have the rights you think they have that you do not have.

    The patriarchy can only be supported by Abrahamic moral values, which, being totally feminised, you have no interest in adopting anyway.

    The anti-religious bias here I have noticed is quite telling.

    Therefore you want the rewards without wanting to put in the work. This is of course typically British, in the worst kind of way.
  • Jackson Wright "Fuckwit or what? Is admin on the case?"

    I shall doubtless be removed by the admin for hurting your feelings, Steve. What you did was the New Man's equivalent of calling for his mummy.

  • Jackson Wright More on the beta male at


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