If I were Kate McCann I would have crawled under a rock and shut up about my negligent parenting years ago


But this woman just goes on and on and on, quite shamelessly.

She is the middle class version of Fiona McKeown.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-531388/Revealed-The-shoddy-caravan-site-mother-murdered-Goa-teenager-Scarlett-brings-unorthodox-family.html

The horror of it is that this woman should be indulged so much and so often until the whole country is sick of the name of her daughter and her nauseating whining for sympathy and attention.  

Now, our unpopular and imbecilic Prime Minister - who went to Eton and did not know what magna carta was - has decided to give his official endorsement for this over-indulgence of bad British mothers.

The economy of the Portuguese may be going down the toilet, but at least they are not so pussified that even their Prime Minister feels he has to kowtow to negligent mothers who are so shameless they simply will not accept any responsibility for their actions.  

Madeleine McCann if found would now be 9 and speaking fluent Portuguese, or possibly another language.  I can imagine Kate McCann complaining about communication problems were she ever to get her daughter back.   


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